Echoes of Ancient Greece

Echoes of Ancient Greece

Photography by Chris Colls

Amanzoe, Greece

Amanzoe – a lavender-scented sanctuary on a private Peloponnese peninsula – is a rare jewel. Set amid olive groves and towering cedars, its architecture by the late Edward Tuttle is the kind that appears to have existed for centuries, integrated into the landscape with little effort yet standing proud in stature. 
The road approaching the resort ascends as if part of the architectural experience itself, fortuitously revealing the grand marble-clad edifice that serves as Amanzoe’s entranceway. The property’s hilltop setting and magnificent wrap-around views, coupled with the region’s extraordinary monuments of antiquity, inspired the creation of this new acropolis.

Amanzoe, Chris Colls

The influence of classical Greek architecture is imposing at every turn. Columns and cornices that rise from the landscape in fair faced concrete are a feature of the resort, complementing the overall muted palette, while architraves lined with stone cladding are accented by oak details. Glass doors slide away into recesses, allowing an effortless indoor-outdoor lifestyle, taking full advantage of the outstanding natural landscape that surrounds.
Continuing his journey across the Aman globe, photographer Chris Colls visited Amanzoe together with his partner and model Alexandra Ágoston in late spring. Noticing a comforting sense of minimalism beneath Amanzoe’s grand façade, Chris and Alexandra highlight what it feels like to experience Aman’s design language, capturing the expansive spaces that give way to uncomplicated tranquillity.

Amanzoe, greece
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"The expression of Greek architecture makes the arrival experience [at Amanzoe] truly spectacular. So simple. Nothing more and nothing less. That’s what makes Aman properties so beautiful. They eliminate anything unnecessary.” 

Amanzoe, Greece, Villa

"The design isn’t intrusive to the environment so both elements can coexist in harmony. Take the local wildflowers for example. Their presence signifies how the natural setting is at peace with the resort and never inhibited.” 

Amanzoe, Villa in Greece

“I try to find the places where light falls in ways that haven’t been captured before. In ways that explain the spaces - the pathways and corridors that lead you to discover vignetted views; the feeling of privacy and relaxation fostered by particular locations.”

Do not use - Chris Colls Amanzoe Spa
Amanzoe, Greece - Beach Club
Amanzoe_Chris Colls_March 2023

New York based fashion photographer, Chris Colls, developed his creative expression through his interest in photography, art, and architecture which he continues to pursue with a relentless passion. Chris’ imagery and artistic vision have contributed to internationally renowned fashion publications such as Interview Magazine & Vogue. He works with many established luxury brands, and his celebrity collaborations includes actors, musicians and models from across the globe.

Australian born model and artist, Alexandra Agoston, has graced the covers of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. After being scouted walking down the streets of Paris, Alexandra made her runway debut for Christian Dior by John Galliano. She has since worked along side some of the industry's most respected creatives, as the muse of Jean Paul Gaultier and Comme des Garçon. Alexandra is an ambassador for Parley, an organization taking action to protect our oceans.

Chris and Alexandra split their time between New York and Paris.