Cultural Experiences at Amankora

Buddhist philosophy touches every corner of the Kingdom of Bhutan, infusing each day with a profound sense of the spiritual and the serene. Amankora gives guests opportunities to tap into Bhutan’s soulful character, through immersive cultural experiences and personal encounters at dzongs, monasteries and other sacred sites.

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Discover ancient wisdom

Aman travellers have unparalleled access to the Buddhist heritage of Bhutan via monastery visits and guided hikes to ancient temples. Clinging to a near-sheer rock face 900 metres above the valley floor, and reached from Aman Paro, the most celebrated of these is the legendary 9th-century Tiger’s Nest Monastery, but each Lodge acts as a gateway to its own spiritual treasures. Explore Punakha Dzong, one of the country’s oldest and most beautiful; the colourful,17th-century Gangtey Goemba; and, near Thimphu, Pangri Zampa, the 16th-century astrology school, and nearby Cheri Goemba.

Explore the Buddha Dordenma, one of the world’s tallest Buddha statues

Not far from Amankora’s Lodge at Thimphu, the towering golden monument was completed in 2015, fulfilling an ancient prophecy. Other eye-opening structures on the Amankora pilgrimage trial include Wangdicholing – summer palace of Bhutan’s earliest kings – beside Aman Bumthang; and, attached to Paro's imposing Rinpung Dzong, the traditional cantilever bridge, Nyamai Zampa.

Each year, thousands of endangered black-necked cranes touch down in the Phobjikha Valley for the winter

In November, the return of Bhutan’s beloved bird is celebrated with an exuberant festival of song and dance at Gangtey Goemba. Life in the kingdom infields to the rhythm of such celebrations, with every monastery and temple holding at least one festival, or tsechu, every year. The biggest and most memorable include the events in Paro and Thimphu, which attract thousands of costumed revellers.

Learn mindfulness and meditation from visiting monks

Amankora’s Lodges are all closely interwoven with the everyday life of the neighbouring monasteries, and opportunities abound for monks and guests to interact and learn from each other. At Amankora Bumthang, travellers are invited to join young acolytes of Sey Lhakhang at prayer. Visiting monks frequently lead events, including lectures on Buddhism from the lama Mynak Trulku at Amankora Thimphu, and intimate meditation classes from some of most revered spiritual leaders in Bhutan.

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