Spa Experiences at Aman Sveti Stefan

A temple to wellbeing on the mainland’s 32-hectare estate, the spa draws from Montenegro’s more than 650 recognised medical species of herbs and a centuries-old tradition of wild harvesting. Treatments in the nearly 1,600-square-metre spa – which also includes a gym and studios for Pilates and yoga – follow a holistic, personalised approach, incorporating movement, relaxation, therapies and nutrition


Calming and rebalancing, the adriatic rejuvenation involves an oat milk rehydration soak and aromatic massage to relax body and mind

Beginning with an exfoliation of mint-infused olive oil, wild honey and raw sugar, the skin is cleansed, moisturised and finally calmed with lavender and palmarosa over the course of the massage


Joining the property’s two pools, the spa’s three hydrotherapy suites include steam rooms, saunas and plunge pools

Cleansing and awakening to the senses, scrubs, wraps and baths in the hydrotherapy suites offer full relaxation incorporating the healing power of water


The spa specialises in creating personalised journeys that rebalance body, mind and spirit

Integrating spa treatments along with movement exercises to build flexibility, strength and endurance, your personalised programme will improve body awareness and movement


Adriatic Awakening: rebalance your energy on a holistic wellness retreat

This restorative retreat focuses on inner health, rebalancing energy, movement and postural alignment. Enjoy daily classes, treatments and a personalised wellness menu - each element of the retreat is tailored to your needs

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