The Piazza

The heart and soul of the island, this open-air square is home to a sea-facing terrace and cellar-like interiors, and a convivial antipasti bar open in the early evenings. The taverna is the nerve centre of the Piazza, serving simple European and American breakfasts and fresh, pastoral Mediterranean dishes for lunch and dinner. 

Aman Sveti Stefan Piazza Aman Sveti Stefan Piazza Aman Sveti Stefan Piazza

An all-day welcome 

Stroll into the Piazza at any time of day and find yourself unwilling to leave its laidback embrace. Sample local vintages on the sea-facing terraces of the enoteca or enjoy pre-prandials at the convivial antipasti bar accompanied by local delicacies. As night closes in, ensconce yourself in the taverna with flickering candlelight highlighting every delicious bite.  

Flavours of Montenegro 

Celebrated by the Piazza’s unique venues, Montenegrin cuisine offers as much diversity as the country’s varied landscapes. Cooking izpod sača or ‘under the dome’ is a technique for roasting meat and vegetables and baking bread: A large metal lid in the form of a shallow bell, the sač is covered with ash and hot coals. 

Wine Tasting 

Sip a glass of Montenegro’s finest Vranac wine as the sun gilds the Piazza through the late afternoon. A variety specific to the Balkan region, Vranac produces a dry red wine with a unique taste and character. Aman Sveti Stefan has partnered with Radevic Estate – the finest prestige producer of Vranac in the Balkans. 


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Restaurants are open to Aman guests and non-residents (subject to availability).