Dining at Aman Sveti Stefan

Local ingredients fill the menus at Aman Sveti Stefan’s varied dining venues, from Arva to the convivial Piazza and intimate Dining Room at Villa Milocer. Organic vegetables and fruits are accompanied by sea bass, octopus and rock oysters direct from the Adriatic and pasture-fed beef from the north of Montenegro, as well as a variety of local cheeses, honeys and jams, olive oils and herbs. From October to May, the Island and its facilities are closed, but Villa Milocer remains open

Cultivation in Montenegro

Vranac (‘black stallion’) is one of the oldest and least-known grape varieties in the world – a distant ancestor of zinfandel and primitivo. Winemaker Goran Radevic is one of the Montenegrin winemakers devoted to preserving this remarkable fruit.
Aman Sveti Stefan - fresh produce

A green, fertile country with a range of microclimates, montenegro’s variety of top-quality produce is exceptional

Aman Sveti Stefan’s chef travels to markets and producers across the country in search of the best ingredients and can share the story behind every item

The open-air piazza is the heart of the island’s village setting, with dining venues including an enoteca, taverna and antipasti bar

Sample local vintages on the sea-facing terraces of the Enoteca or enjoy preprandials at the convivial Antipasti Bar accompanied by local delicacies

Local viticulture and distilleries produce a range of wines and spirits that define the taste of Montenegro

The Vranac Reserve red wine and fiery rakia spirit are two favourites – the latter goes into the resort’s signature cocktail, along with elderflower extract, grenadine and vanilla

Reservation required 

Reservations are open to guest and to non-guest of Aman Sveti Stefan.

Please email  the Aman Sveti Stefan team or phone  +382 33 420 184 to find out more and to make a reservation.