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A short drive or sail from Aman Sveti Stefan, Budva’s winding alleys and grand squares transport visitors back through the centuries

A land of rugged snow-capped mountains, ancient forests and pristine lakes, Montenegro’s meandering coast is home to a series of ancient towns and natural wonders. Just north of Aman Sveti Stefan, the town of Budva is two millennia old. Farther up the coast Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, combines some of the region’s best-preserved architecture with exceptional beauty


Dating back to the fifth century bc, Budva’s old town sits on a small headland, a repository of cultural heritage

A short drive or sail from Aman Sveti Stefan, Budva’s winding alleys and grand squares transport visitors back through the centuries

One of Europe’s most beautiful coastlines, the Adriatic offers new discoveries around every bend

Take a sailboat from Aman Sveti Stefan up the coast to find secluded bays for solitary swims and picturesque spots to enjoy a picnic lunch

The Mediterranean’s largest body of fresh water, Skadar lake is home to some 280 species of bird

Just 25 kilometres from Aman Sveti Stefan, water lilies flower on the lake’s reflective surface. Fortresses, monasteries and churches line the banks, and mountains rise above

The Adriatic Fjord of Kotor is home to the Unesco heritage-protected town of the same name, a spot rich in tradition and beauty

Walled in by the Republic of Venice centuries ago, Kotor looks out over the bay, the banks of which are also home to Perast, an ornate Baroque town overlooking a pair of islands
Aman Sveti Stefan Montenegro Lovcen

Set beneath the towering summits of Stirovnik and Jezerski Vrh, lovcen national park is spread across 6,400 hectares

Home to exceptional rugged natural beauty, the park is also the final resting site of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, the 19th-century poet and statesman whose magnificent mausoleum sits on Mount Lovcen
Beautiful local church in Montenegro

The former royal capital of Cetinje dates to the 15th century, a heritage-infused town where tree-lined boulevards are dotted with museums and galleries

Visit the stately edifices and regal palace of the royal family as well as ancient monasteries and modern Art Deco masterpieces

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