Adventures and experiences at Aman Sveti Stefan

A ruggedly beautiful Adriatic coastline, interlaced with hidden coves and beaches and studded with ancient towns. Away from the sea, a wild mountain landscape of forested valleys, vineyards and vast lakes. From Aman Sveti Stefan, travellers have access to Unesco-preserved medieval heritage, authentic cultural and culinary experiences and all the breath-snatching adventure of one of Europe’s most naturally spectacular settings.

Ancient towns and Unesco treasures

Dating back to the 5th century BC, the winding cobblestone streets of Budva lead explorers to the heart of Montenegro’s cultural heritage. Further north, in the famously picturesque fjord of Boka Bay, Kotor – a Unesco World Heritage site – offers an opportunity to lose oneself in the uniquely rich and engaging history of the beautifully preserved medieval town.

Explore the wildlife of Lake Skadar

Encircled by mountains and topped with water lilies, the glassy expanse of Lake Skadar is the largest freshwater body in Southern Europe, and home to more than 280 species of bird – include rarely seen creatures such as the Dalmatian pelican and the Black ibis. Cruise across the water by boat and savour the serenity of the hills, the sound of birdsong, and the sight of historic fortresses and monasteries ensconced on the forest shores. Stop for a swim, or pause to picnic on local delicacies.

Pebble beaches, sandy shores

Aman Sveti Stefan’s trio of beaches provide idyllic settings for sunbathing and swimming in the warm clear waters of the Adriatic. The pink-pebble curve of Sveti Stefan Beach, set with sun loungers, spans 170 metres along the isthmus. On the mainland, beside Villa Milocer, King’s Beach is the largest; whereas the scalloped shores of Queen’s Beach – private to the resort – are set in seclusion beside an emerald lagoon, one of the most enchanting locations on Montenegro’s coast.

Discover Radevic wine estate

Discover Vranac (‘black stallion’), one of the oldest and least-known grape varieties in the world – a distant ancestor of zinfandel and primitivo. On his vineyard estate outside Podgorica, winemaker Goran Radevic cultivates Vranac vines, transforming the coal-black grapes into powerful, earthy wines of great character and complexity – and the signature wine of Aman Sveti Stefan. Guests are invited to visit the Radevic winery, see organic and sustainable viticulture in action, and sample a few vintages of Montenegro’s extraordinary red.

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