Suffused with the spirit of the sea, Nura embraces the essence of the Mediterranean and its fabled, healthy diet. Sheltered on the silvery shores of Korakia Beach, this day-to-night destination delivers delicate dishes that encapsulate the sunlit serenity and soft light of the ocean. 


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Amanzoe, Greece - Restaurant, Beach Club Restaurant Amanzoe, Greece - Beach Club

A setting by the sea

Ensconced within the Beach Club at Amanzoe, Nura is an ode to a seascape that skims the edge of Europe and the exotic shores of Africa, encapsulating centuries of Mediterranean history, the ways of its people and the wisdom of its cooking in every considered dish.

Longevity-minded dishes

Served inches from the sea, Nura’s delicate menu of olive oil-rich dishes, sociable sharing plates and charcoal-grilled meats and seafood showcases a fresh haul of local Greek sea bass, whole spiny lobster and souvlaki-style chicken, all accompanied by light mixed salads and sides.

Laid-back entertainment

As the sun arcs over the horizon, summon cocktails and chilled glasses of wine as laid-back electronic beats, local dancers and live music echo the rhythmic ebb and flow of the Mediterranean, transforming the space from day to dusk and beyond.

  • Lunch 12:00 - 17:00 (1 April to 30 October)
  • Dinner 19:30 22:30 (1 May to 30 September)


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Nura is open to Aman guests and non-residents (subject to availability)