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In Greece, to unite in marriage is to become the founders of a new monarchy. Through a traditional ritual known as ‘The Crowning’, two stefana are joined by a single ribbon, and placed on the heads of the couple. The crowns are exchanged three times, and so, the married couple become the rulers of their own family. Elaborate dining follows, and as day turns to dusk, dancing weaves guests around the reception space ‘til dawn.

Such traditions make Amanzoe a wholly special place to host a wedding or event in the Peloponnese, where these deep-rooted rituals can be felt in the air of any occasion – whether hosting a large international wedding for up to 300 guests, or a more intimate family occasion in a private villa.

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Amanzoe Greece weddings & celebrations Amanzoe Greece weddings & celebrations


Between luscious hillside and the alluring Aegean, Amanzoe caters to weddings both small and grand, with the opportunity to make Aman one’s own. The resort’s contemporary design inspired by ancient architecture juxtaposes old and new, creating an unrivalled backdrop, where the couple’s vision is brought to life with meticulous precision. Pre- and post-ceremony celebrations can be arranged, including casual lunches, cocktail parties, banquets, and family meals, each in their own unique location.



In the small local villages that surround Amanzoe, it is custom to treat one’s neighbours as family. Whether coming together for a birthday, anniversary, achievement, or simply celebrating time well spent, Amanzoe offers a place to gather in the community spirit that is so well renowned. With each and every detail taken care of by Amanzoe’s efficient and discreet event planners and coordinators, guests are invited to simply sit back and enjoy.


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