Family Activities at Aman Le Mélézin

Aman Le Melezin - Ski run
Aman Le Melezin - 滑雪道

Aman Le Mélézin’s attention to detail extends to the whole family by offering plenty of ways to experience the fairytale snowscape it inhabits – both active and more sedentary – as well as cultural, culinary and wellness pursuits both indoors and out.

Aman Le Melezin, Family Activities Aman Le Melezin - Kids room


我们热情且经验丰富的儿童主人负责协调小客人的日常活动,确保小孩子的安全和娱乐。Aman Le Mélézinoffer 儿童俱乐部的营业时间为上午 9 点至晚上 9 点,提供艺术和手工艺品、拼图、棋盘和街机游戏以及互动烹饪演示。旁边的电视室为那些想要逃离雪天的人们提供各种电影、电视剧和纪录片。


从 18 个月到 3 岁,在经验丰富的教练的指导下学习滑雪。小孩子们将在第一次滑雪时享受雪地和山地环境。

Village des Enfants 滑雪学校

ESF 高雪维尔儿童村是世界上最好的儿童村之一。在安全的照顾下,孩子们将在神奇的宇宙中享受乐趣,并在森林中遍布专用滑雪场和小屋的安全区域中探索滑雪的乐趣。


从高雪维尔 1850 出发,无舵雪橇(又名雪橇)滑道一路蜿蜒穿过树林,一直延伸至 1550 的低处村庄,既提供刺激,又提供娱乐。然后您可以乘坐免费缆车回到 1850 并重新来过。Le Forum 还拥有奥林匹克规模的溜冰场,孩子们可以像职业选手一样尝试扭转、转弯和跳跃。

Accommodation available on request

Family Apartment

Boasting exceptional views across the slopes lined with magnificent pines, Aman Le Mélézin’s two-bedroom 67 square metre (721 square foot) Family Apartment connects a spacious master bedroom with a smaller twin room to create the perfect layout for families travelling with children. Accessed via a private corridor ensuring ample privacy, the master can also house an additional single bed or cot, increasing the occupancy to five guests. 

For bookings or enquiries about the family apartment, please contact our in-house Aman Le Mélézin reservation team at [email protected] or +33 4 7908 0133.