Experiences at Aman Le Mélézin

Aman Le Mélézin offers access to the Three Valleys network. Aided by a team of experienced Ski Butlers who transport ski equipment from the heated racks in the state-of-the-art ski room to the piste, skiing at the hotel is performed with effortless ease. With only a short distance to the main ski area, guests of all ages are able to enjoy private or group lessons with expert instructors or by joining Courchevel’s revered ski school. Besides the expansive ski domain, Courchevel also offers a wide variety of other activities to make each stay as memorable as the next. 

Aman Le Melezin - Ski run Aman Le Melezin - Snowmobile Aman Le Melezin


Aman Le Mélézin 的 BO 豪华滑雪室由 Bernard Orcel 设计,配有加热行李架,可欣赏明信片般的美景,还设有冬季运动精品店,备有最新的设备可供租赁或购买。当您准备好出发时,在经验丰富的滑雪管家团队的协助下,轻松进入 Bellecôte Piste。




没有什么比从高处欣赏雄伟的阿尔卑斯山景观更好的方式了——无论是日出时乘坐热气球,还是乘坐直升机或滑翔伞。但您不必在空中欣赏美景。通过雪地摩托和适合雪地的胖胎自行车探索体验山地的全新方式 - 非常适合沿着宁静的森林小径巡航。

First tracks

Aman Le Mélézin 推出了独特的 First Tracks 体验,将客人带到山谷内的最高点,在那里可以欣赏到勃朗峰和 La Grande Casse 的全景。在经验丰富的滑雪教练的指导下,客人可以沿着“La Combe de la Saulire”这条传奇滑雪道进行令人惊叹的单人滑行,这里全年都没有新鲜的积雪,不受强风的影响,可以在未受污染的情况下从山腰滑下。

More for fun

对于那些寻求滑雪或单板滑雪之外的户外活动的人,我们可以安排自动驾驶狗拉雪橇、带导游的雪鞋行走或在专家导游的带领下徒步探险到人迹罕至的地区。最后但并非最不重要的一点是,MoonBikes 提供了一种享受雪地的新方式:快速、安静、电动、可靠。MoonBikes 是首款超轻型电动雪地自行车。

Featured Experience

Les Prés de la Croix Experience

Sating appetites stimulated by the pristine Alpine air, Aman Le Mélézin’s dining experiences include an Evening Adventure at Les Prés de la Croix, a picture postcard mountain chalet. 

This unique experience involves a snowmobile ride that takes place at dusk, starting from La Tania and heading towards Les Prés de la Croix where a typical Savoyard dinner of cheese fondue or hotpot awaits beside a roaring log fire. A bespoke five-course menu created by a private chef can also be arranged on Friday evenings.

Children can play games in the chalet’s mezzanine or sled beneath the stars before the homeward journey by toboggan or snowbike to La Tania concludes with a taxi-transfer back to the hotel.