The Lagoon Club

A seemingly endless white-sand beach fringes the island’s secluded east coast, home to the Lagoon Club. Claiming panoramic views of the sea just metres away, this airy dining venue welcomes guests seasonally. The menu features exquisite Japanese cuisine and a selection of favourites from Nama. Every dish on the menu is a work of art, with sushi, sashimi and Wagyu beef as just some of the highlights. 


Amanpulo Breakfast Amanpulo Amanpulo Nama

Japanese cuisine at its finest 

Nama means raw, and the simple secret of washoku is that it celebrates the intrinsic flavours of the purest ingredients possible with incredible artistry. For authenticity, fresh seafood is complemented with the finest locally-sourced produce to create the signature Nama experience unique to Aman resorts around the world.


An engaging feast for the senses

With moonlight dancing over the sea and the gentle susurration of waves lapping the shoreline, marvel at the tranquil Pamalican evening on the deck. The Lagoon Club is also the perfect venue for a memorable private event. 


Elegant dining on Pamalican shores

Tucked away in a quiet corner otherworldly of the island, the Lagoon Club has an atmosphere of blissful seclusion. Yet even in castaway paradise, an elegant menu of memorable dishes can be enjoyed, each with its own origin story. From microgreens grown and harvested from the island’s own organic farm to meticulous preparation by our island’s dedicated chefs.

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The Lagoon Club is open seasonally.