The Picnic Grove

A casual, open-air lunch venue open seasonally, the Picnic Grove lies just metres from the beach under a canopy of trees. Its light and easy menu consists of handcrafted wood-fired pizzas topped with choice ingredients, garden fresh salads, and homemade desserts that delight children and adults alike. Its unique location also makes it an ideal venue for private toes-in-sand dinner celebrations.

Amanpulo Amanpulo Dining Picnic Grove Amanpulo Dining Picnic Grove

A sandy path weaves through trees to the Picnic Grove’s beachfront location 

In a forest clearing just metres from the shore, wooden picnic tables await beneath white beach umbrellas and a canopy of trees. Children can build sandcastles while you relax with a freshly-made drink.


Garden-fresh salads with just-picked organic ingredients

Herbs, seasonal salad greens and local vegetables are handpicked from the island’s organic farm daily by the Picnic Grove’s chefs. Whether combined in a fresh salad or used as a pizza topping, these delicious, health-giving greens are the perfect complement to the genuine Italian pizzas. 


Hand-made, hand-tossed artisanal pizza

Crafted by hand and cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven, the Picnic Grove’s artisanal pizzas are a delight. Whether you prefer the old favourites or something more innovative, there is no doubt you will find your perfect pizza.

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The Picnic Grove is open seasonally.