Gangtey Valley


In Phobjikha Valley near the village of Gangtey, Amankora Gangtey is set on a forested knoll with scenic views of the valley floor and the 16th-century Gangtey Goemba monastery. Part of the Black Mountains National Park wildlife reserve, the valley is home each winter to a flock of 300 endangered black-neck cranes and provides an idyllic setting for nature-bound hikes, meaningful interactions with the local monastic body and a deep dive into age-old Buddhist rituals. 

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Hike through Gangtey Valley

Don your hiking boots for our easy Nature Trail Walk or the slightly longer Tongpushing Hike, or even combine both routes if you'd like to do a complete loop of the valley.  Alternatively, drive 30 minutes towards Trongsa to conquer the stunning Longtey Hike. From the trail head, the path takes you through the rhododendron forest – a mass of colourful blooms from March to May each year. On reaching the top of the ridge, drink in breathtaking views of Gangtey Valley below. 

See endangered, black-necked cranes 

Rare black-necked cranes are revered in the Himalayan region, seen as avatars of ancestors and loved ones sent from the heavens. Every autumn, they migrate from Tibet to Bhutan, and the return of this beloved bird is celebrated with an exuberant festival of song and dance at Gangtey Goemba. Whether you’re able to join the festival or simply have the chance to witness these birds at The Crane Centre, managed by Bhutan’s Royal Society for Protection of Nature, this is a wildlife encounter not to be missed.

Buddhist purification ritual

In Bhutan, every place has its local protective deity or spirit, appeased and appreciated through daily smoking ceremonies. Take part in this early morning spiritual cleansing ritual which involves the burning of specific herbs in Amankora Gangtey’s hilltop fumigation stupa in the presence of a local monk. This Buddhist tradition is believed to cast away bad spirits, allowing you to begin the day free of negativity.

Donate a meal to the monks at Gangtey Goempa

Visit Gangtey Goempa Monastery, Bhutan's largest Nyingma Monastery home to over 270 monks ranging from 7 to 40 years old. Join the monks in their altar room for their morning or evening prayers and be absorbed by the meditative sounds of their chanting, performed to the beat of drums and the sound of horns. You can be as involved as you choose in donating a meal to the monks – a generous gesture that is hugely appreciated and extremely rewarding.

If you desire, you can accompany our Chef to the local Gangtey market to purchase rice and vegetables and even join in or oversee the meal preparations in Amankora’s kitchen, before taking part in the meal service itself. Donations towards meals are also gratefully received.

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