Beach Club

Laid back and lapped by the ocean, the Beach Club rests on a sandy cove of peaceful Playa Grande, lulled by the somnambulant sound of the sea. Enjoy sandside views of the Atlantic from expansive decks and lounging areas, dine on local Latin flavours, or design a private-dining experience come evening in partnership with Amanera’s team.  


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Amanera, Dominican Republic - Beach club Amanera, Domincan Republic - Beach club

Dining on the sand 

The Beach Club’s lunch menu naturally looks to the sea with light dishes of crab cakes, ceviche and calamari, all harnessing the fresh, fulsome force of the Atlantic Ocean. Tacos and Creole-style curries also make up the menu, with pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven and refreshing fruit sorbets to finish.  

Private beachside barbecues  

For the ultimate in beachside dining, arrange a private barbecue in the evening, with an exclusive chef and server, a special menu and an atmospheric bonfire, lit on the sands of Playa Grande. Cooking classes can also be arranged, with the chance to master the art of ceviche making, classic Dominican cuisine, tacos and salsa.  

Tacos and salsa cooking class

Learn to cook a true street taco from scratch, diving into the differences between salsa roja and salsa verde, discovering which proteins work best and finishing with a  lesson on homemade tortillas and guacamole. After getting hands-on during the one-hour class, leave with new skills and knowledge to try out back home. 


Exclusive access only to Resort Guests.