Amangani Suite

Living Area, Amangani Suite - Amangani, Wyoming, USA Bathroom, Amangani Suite - Amangani, Wyoming, USA

Offering 72 square metres (780 square feet) of living space, the Amangani Suite features a separate guest bathroom and can be connected to a Superior Suite to provide two king-sized bedrooms, ideal for families or friends travelling together. An expansive balcony or patio provides spectacular mountain and valley views, while inside, the living area has a metal gas-lit fireplace and window-side daybed – an idyllic evening retreat. A nod to the surrounding region the suite is completed with woven cowhide chairs in faux-wolf fabric and a spacious bathroom makes guests feel at home, with a large bathtub, twin vanities and a dressing room.

All stays include

  • Welcome amenities
  • In-room refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Morning coffee and pastries at the Zinc Bar
  • Scheduled wellness classes
  • Shuttle transportation to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort during winter
  • Access to hiking routes and snowshoe trails with complimentary snowshoes during the winter
  • Access to the Amangani Ski Lounge located at the base of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort during winter


  • 提顿山脉与河谷景观
  • 敞阔阳台或露台
  • 特大床
  • 可与高级套房相连,成为双卧室套房
  • 起居区设有金属燃气壁炉
  • 窗畔卧榻
  • 牛皮编织椅配人造狼皮坐垫
  • 敞阔浴室配浴缸、双梳妆台、更衣室
  • 独立淋浴间和卫生间
  • 无线网络、电视、DVD、音响系统、保险柜
  • 空调、暖气
  • 私人酒水吧

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