Experiences at Amandayan

Blessed with a magnificent natural setting and a rich cultural heritage, Lijiang offers a host of activities and excursions to suit all interests. Amandayan provides the perfect base from which to explore the town and its surrounds, experience the many facets of indigenous Nakhi culture and take in the region’s spectacular natural attractions including Tiger Leaping Gorge. 

Amandayan Experience Amandayan Experience Amandayan Experience

Revisit the past 

Lijiang Old Town is an atmospheric Unesco World Heritage Site together with Baisha and Shuhe Old Towns nearby. Travel back in time while wandering their cobbled streets, then venture farther afield to explore Baoshan Stone Village, peaceful Shaxi, remarkable Dali and mythical Shangri-La where Songzanlin Monastery touches the sky. 

Natural wonders 

Home to over 17,000 species of plants and over half of China’s birds and mammals, Yunnan is famed for its biodiversity and extraordinary natural beauty. Take the cable car up Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, hike through Tiger Leaping Gorge alongside the rushing Jinsha River, birdwatch on Lashi Lake and horse ride through meadows of wildflowers. 

Cultural insight 

The Nakhi’s Dongba religion is based on harmony between man and nature. Every afternoon, join local experts in Wenchang Palace to learn Dongba calligraphy, make traditional Zodiac figures from barley, paint in the colourful Thangka style and practice traditional Dongba paper making. Don’t miss the outdoor spectacle that is Impression Lijiang. 

Colourful festivals 

Lijiang’s harmonious fusion of cultures means festivals throughout the year, from the flower bedecked Bangbang Festival and the feasting and dancing of Sanduo in honour of the local protective deity, to Shangri-La’s legendary horseraces and the celebration of heat and light that is the mid-year Fire Torch Festival. 

Daily cultural experiences

Amandayan offers a complimentary weekly calendar of activities that includes guided morning walks around Lijiang, taking in Zhongyi Market and the reflection of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Black Dragon Pool. Or learn to make paper, cook a traditional Nakhi dish, practice the art of Tai Chi or enjoy a private movie screening in the cinema. 

Gateway to a Living Past

On this half-day experience, explore historic Wenfeng temple and its spectacular camellia- and pine-scattered grounds, practise the art of Dongba calligraphy and enjoy a traditional dance performance. Then visit the ancient village of Ciman, renowned for its Nakhi architecture and the longevity of its people, before enjoying a homemade Nakhi meal. 

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