Cultural Immersion

Amandari Wellness

Ubud is known as the cultural heart of Bali. Traditional housing complexes line the main streets and a temple, whether local or internationally recognised, is never too far away. Discover the unique lives of the Balinese, their Hindu rituals and unique craftsmanship through tours or comprehensive activities from Amandari, offering guests the unrivalled access to the island's captivating soul.

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Balinese dance

Ibu Agung, Amandari’s talented in-house dance teacher, has been part of the resort’s family for over 20 years. She visits the resort daily to teach local children the renowned skill of Balinese dance. Her husband, Bapak Agung, is the local music teacher, instructing the male youth the art of the gamelan. Guests are invited to watch the children as they learn these treasured expressions at the Lotus Pond Pavilion.

Aksara Bali

Known as Aksara Bali, Balinese script is believed to have descended from ancient India dating back to the 11th century and, along with Aksara Jawa, is considered the most elaborate and ornate of all the Brahmic scripts of Southeast Asia. Aksara Bali has a significant prevalence in many of the island’s traditional ceremonies and is strongly associated with the Hindu religion. At Amandari, guests can take part in preserving this age-old tradition with an informative yet therapeutic script writing session, accompanied by light refreshments. 

Balinese spiritual counselling

A young and respected spiritual healer, guests are invited to take part in a traditional Balinese healing practice with Made Lunas during a private session at his local home. Bali’s traditions are deeply rooted in holistic healing, which is demonstrated through this transformational experience, including readings on subjects such as health, love, and career (present and future) which aim to heal the body and open the mind. 

Balinese numerology

Balinese numerology is an ancient study that draws meaning from different numbers - with a Balinese shaman. This awakening journey is led by Luh Manis, a Jero priestess from the local area, who also helps to translate signs and symbols along the way. 

Balinese art class

In the comfort of one’s Suite, the Golden Pavilion, or any other place of inspiration around Amandari, guests can spend a peaceful morning taking part in a private painting or wood carving session with a local Balinese artist. Creating anything from simple floral woodwork to colourful watercolour scenes of the resort’s surroundings, sessions are tailored to suit guest preferences, with each art piece a personal memento of time spent in central Bali.