Whale Shark Excursion

Amanwana - Whale Shark Excursion

Located just east of Moyo Island, Saleh Bay is known as the home of the second-largest whale shark (Rhincodon typus) population on earth with at least 99 known Whale sharks inhabiting its waters year-round. Unesco also recognised the presence of Whale sharks in the bay, adding the area to its Biosphere Reserve list in 2019. In the presence of an experienced guide from Konservasi Indonesia, a non-profit organisation leading conservation in the area, guests can experience these magnificent creatures first hand and learn how to protect their future with Amanwana’s Whale shark excursion.

Amanwana, Indonesia - Whale Shark Excursion Amanwana_Resort

Swim with Whale sharks

As the sun’s first rays light up over Mt Tambora, board Amanwana’s dedicated speedboat and take a relaxing two-hour cruise to Saleh Bay. To start the day, the resort’s chefs prepare a gourmet breakfast served on board, before entering the calm waters of the bay with an experienced guide for once-in-a-lifetime underwater experience swimming with these gentle giants. 

  • Return speedboat trip from Amanwana to Saleh Bay 
  • Interactive lecture by Konservasi Indonesia
  • Opportunity to spot Whale sharks from the boat and swim alongside them
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Breakfast, snacks and refreshments
  • Non-alcoholic beverages