Experiences at Amangiri

Discover Navajo heritage

Amangiri is tightly connected to Utah’s Native American communities and offers a range of one-of-a-kind experiences that bring guests closer to the culture and history of the Navajo people. Activities range from Navajo-guided tours of the slot canyons and Monument Valley Tribal Park to powerful storytelling sessions and ritual dances by the fire.

Boating on Lake Powell - Amangiri, Utah, USA Horseback Riding, Amangiri, Utah, USA Via Ferrata, Amangiri, Utah, USA

Hiking, climbing and canyoning 

Graded by difficulty, guided hikes offer guests the opportunity to discover the geological wonders of the landscape. The via ferrata – ‘iron roads’ comprising fixed rungs and cables embedded into the rock face – enable intrepid adventurers to traverse dramatic gorges and sheer canyons. Aman guides can also escort guests through some of the most striking geological features of the Colorado Plateau – sinuous slot canyons with a multitude of colours on their walls. 


Explore Lake Powell 

Navigate the vast reservoir of Lake Powell by kayak, take a stand-up paddleboard across the glassy waters, or explore from the comfort of boat on a full- or half-day tour of the lake, taking in its most remarkable natural feature – the 290-foot freestanding arch known as the Rainbow Bridge. 


The plateau on horseback 

Explore the sweeping Utah desert with Amangiri’s seasoned wranglers. Riding trails available both in the area immediately around the resort and beyond. More challenging rides include ridge-top hacks high above the maze of ridges and canyons. 

Escalante Grand Staircase, Utah Amangiri Cave peak trail

Cave Peak Stairway

New for 2021, the Cave Peak Stairway is a unique installation raising 400 feet (122 metres) above the ground, offering mesmerizing vistas of the property and beyond. 

Well suited to thrill-seekers, it has 120 steps and is accessible from the resort’s existing Cave Peak Via Ferrata Trail. Amangiri's guests are invited to take to the stairs after completing the Via Ferrata and will be rewarded with an incredible panorama from the top. With an unmatched vertical route of ascent, a spectacular position, and a summit visible from the resort, it is destined to be an iconic and exhilarating adventure.

National parks

With the highest concentration of national parks in America, the Colorado Plateau offers endless opportunities to explore the likes of Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park by air, by car and on foot. Amangiri’s in-house and local guides can develop custom itineraries of any length to suit guest’s interests and preferred form of transport. 

Private air tours

Flying over this incredible landscape – by plane, helicopter, or on a sunrise balloon trip – is an inspiring way to discover the breadth of the backcountry. Working closely with the area’s best pilots, Amangiri enables guests to experience the awe-inspiring scale of Canyon Country from on high. 

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