Dining at Amanjiwo

From its perch against the Menoreh Hills, Amanjiwo overlooks the fertile Kedu Plain, where volcanic soil nourishes verdant rice paddies and an abundance of fresh produce. Handpicked daily by Amanjiwo’s chefs, most of the ingredients served in the resort’s Javanese, Indonesian and international dishes are sourced from Amanjiwo’s organic garden and local farms.

Whether dining on the Restaurant’s spectacular terrace with views of Borobudur, at the Pool Terrace, amid rice paddies or beside Selogriyo temple – Amanjiwo’s cuisine reflects the authenticity and welcoming conviviality of Central Java, known for its generosity and flavour.  

Featured private dining experience

The home of Pak Bilal

Pak Bilal’s gracious Javanese home next door to jewel-like Pawon Temple becomes the intimate, candlelit setting for a private meal for those looking to enjoy a traditional, multi-course, home-cooked Indonesian feast in the most authentic setting possible.

Featured dining experiences

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Restaurants are open to Amanjiwo guests and non-residents (subject to availability).