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Amanoi, Vietnam - Acommodation, Aerial View
Amanoi - Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

Meticulously designed to frame their natural and urban settings, Aman destinations are renowned for their space and privacy. Each welcomes guests as if to the home of a close friend, instilling a sense of peace and belonging amid some of the world’s most diverse landscapes. It is an approach that has changed little since the first ‘place of peace’, Amanpuri, was founded on Phuket’s west coast in 1988, becoming the blueprint for the Aman way of life.

Aman currently embraces 35 hotels, resorts and residence developments in 20 countries, 15 of which are located close to or within Unesco-protected sites. Each reflects the unique cultural heritage of its destination through sensitive design, inspired cuisine and personalised wellness and experiential journeys, with every detail curated for it alone.


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Ever since its first sanctuary opened in 1988, Aman has been making milestones. Entire camphor forests have been saved and art-laced palazzi have been restored. Ryokan-style retreats have emerged and royal residences have been reborn. In the new era, iconic buildings have paved the way for a new style of urban retreat in cities from New York and beyond, all with one purpose of creating above-and-beyond boutique resorts where privacy takes pride of place.