Experiences at Amangiri

Discover an ancient landscape

Thousands of square miles of untouched scenery surround Amangiri, which lies at the gateway to major national parks in the Colorado Plateau like Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. From canyoneering and cultural insights to excursions by air, bike, boat or on horseback, guests are encouraged to discover the region their way. Long-standing relationships with local experts allow Amangiri to arrange tailor-made itineraries for every guest – a bespoke approach that guarantees a creative, adventurous and fulfilling experience.

Amangiri, USA - Experiences, Via Ferrata Amangiri, USA - Experiences, Via Ferrata Amangiri, USA - Experiences, UTV

Designated hiking trails

Guests are welcome to explore the property at their own pace along the 12 miles of designated trails. Trails are marked by signs, wayfinding posts and rock cairns. They vary in length and difficulty and offer beautiful views of the property as well as the opportunity to uncover archaeological and natural wonders. Amangiri’s experienced guides can also escort guests through some of the most striking geological features of the Colorado Plateau.


The Via Ferrata Challenge and Cave Peak Stairway

Invented centuries ago in the Italian Alps, a Via Ferrata (‘iron road’) is a series of cables and ladder rungs, fixed to the rock face to enable the ascent of steep mountain routes. The climbs and drops can be an adrenaline ride, but Via Ferratas also offer an opportunity to get up close to the fascinating geology of the terrain.

Well suited to thrill-seekers, the Cave Peak Stairway has 120 steps and is a unique installation raising 400 feet (122 metres) above the ground. Amangiri's guests are invited to take to the stairs after completing the Cave Peak Via Ferrata and will be rewarded with an incredible panorama from the top. With an unmatched vertical route of ascent, a spectacular position, and a summit visible from the resort, it is destined to be an iconic and exhilarating adventure.


UTV Tour 

The Ultimate Terrain Vehicle (UTV) is a safe and adventurous way to explore, allowing guests to access harder-to-reach hiking trails and viewpoints. Guests will be driven by a professional, informative guide who will endeavor to make the journey to your hiking destination an adventure in itself.



E-bike tours are a fun way for riders of mixed ability to ride together and enjoy the exercise, scenery, and fresh air. The e-bikes’ pedal assist helps guests increase their range and enjoyment while riding a mountain bike

Featured experiences

National parks

With the highest concentration of national parks in America, the Colorado Plateau offers endless opportunities to explore the likes of Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park by air, by car and on foot. Amangiri’s in-house and local guides can develop custom itineraries of any length to suit guest’s interests and preferred form of transport.

Cultural encounters

The Colorado Plateau offers immersive encounters beyond the purely physical. Held throughout the year, Amangiri’s ever-expanding collection of cultural experiences offers guests the unique opportunity to learn more about the ecology, geology and human history of the area as well as the rich traditions of neighbouring Native American tribes. Discover the art and learned skillset of Native America with the dazzling charm and energy of traditional hoop dance, dreamcatcher making and storytelling.  

Private air tours

Flying over this incredible landscape – by plane, helicopter, or on a sunrise balloon trip – is an inspiring way to discover the breadth of the backcountry. Working closely with the area’s best pilots, Amangiri enables guests to experience the awe-inspiring scale of Canyon Country from on high.