Spread across three floors, Aman Spa New York houses one of the city's largest wellness and longevity facilities with its vast and varied array of transformative experiences and cutting-edge treatments offered in unparalleled privacy and seclusion. For those seeking a more robust approach, the hotel's exclusive retreats and immersion programmes welcome the very best of the industry - from sporting legends to international practitioners - to curate comprehensive programmes combining elements of fitness, mindfulness, nutrition. From one off journeys into the notion of peace, to active, fitness-first itineraries designed on a bespoke basis, discover Aman New York’s immersions and upcoming retreats. ​


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Wellness Immersion Programmes

Aman Spa New York has the facilities, expertise and technology to help guests achieve any wellness goal, whether rehabilitating an injury, working towards a marathon, or reducing stress. Providing self-optimisation and effective fast-track methods, customised programmes draw on the latest research to enable peak performance and a whole new level of personal wellbeing. Varying in duration depending on goals and personal preferences, programs are based on the results of extensive assessments and can be combined with an overnight stay.​

Starting with an overall programme goal that is then finely tuned to meet individual needs, Aman Spa New York offers three pathways in line with Immersion offerings at other Aman Wellness destinations worldwide.

Immersion offerings include: 

  • Mindfulness & Stress Management​

  • Weight Management & Detoxification​

  • Sports Performance Enhancement ​

Featured wellness experience

Aman New York, USA - Maria Sharapova Strength Conditioning Aman New York, USA - Maria Sharapova Strength Conditioning

Strength and Recovery by Maria Sharapova

Start any day like a champion with Aman New York’s three-hour athlete-inspired journey, created in partnership with tennis legend and Aman Global Wellness Ambassador, Maria Sharapova. 

Wellness Concierge

Aman’s Wellness Concierges contact Immersion guests by phone or email before arrival to outline the options available and answer any questions, ensuring guests select the perfect pathway to their desired outcome.

To speak to our Wellness Concierge team, please contact:
Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0120 951 124 * (Japan)
Tel: 800 852 6690 * (Singapore)
Tel: 183 3892 0200 * (USA)
Tel: 0808 101 3377 * (United Kingdom)
Tel: +1 754 216 7820 (tolls apply)