Experiences at Aman Summer Palace

Beijing is one of the world’s richest repositories of Unesco World Heritage Sites, from the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City, to the Great Wall. Explore the capital’s maze-like hutongs and ancient temples juxtaposed with gleaming skyscrapers, world-class restaurants and contemporary art galleries, with an Aman Summer Palace guide. 

Aman Summer Palace Experience Aman Summer Palace Experience Aman Summer Palace Experience

Discover the Summer Palace 

Step through a private gate into the Summer Palace grounds, then stroll this beautiful 290-hectare estate admiring its lakes, pavilions, temples and pagodas. Built in 1750, it long served the Qing dynasty as a summer retreat. 

Living history 

Discover the imperial secrets of the Forbidden City, home to 24 emperors, then explore the Temple of Heaven, Lama Temple, Prince Gong Mansion and the Drum and Bell Towers – just a few of the capital’s historic monuments. 

Wander the hutongs 

Whether on foot, bicycle or rickshaw, exploring Beijing’s hutongs offers a glimpse of life in days gone by. Narrow lanes clustered around the Forbidden City, they are home to tea houses, restaurants and artisan workshops. 

Cultural Pavilion

At the heart of Aman Summer Palace lies the Cultural Pavilion, where you can learn more about traditional Chinese arts such as calligraphy, paper cutting, kite making and tea ceremonies from masters happy to share their skill. 

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