Experiences at Amantaka

Fall under Luang Prabang’s timeless spell with our expert guides, whether joining the morning alms-giving tradition, strolling through the UNESCO-protected Old Town, cruising the Mekong River to sacred caves, or exploring the natural wonders of the surrounding countryside.

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Suffused by Buddhist rhythms

Luang Prabang is home to over 1,200 monks and the golden spires of more than 30 temples pierce the sky. Witness Tak Bat each morning at sunrise, as monks and novices walk the streets accepting alms. Then take a floral offering of your own creation to a nearby temple for a private tour or meditation session.

Buddhist Learning Centre

Amantaka has launched a Buddhist Learning Centre, designed to educate and immerse guests on the practice and principals of Buddhism, bringing the resort closer to the local community and customs. As part of the experience abbot Sengdao Santikaro offers daily private teaching for guests for up to an hour and a half, asking pertinent questions, to guage the guest’s knowledge of Buddhism, before talking through the five principals of good living.

Alms offering 'Sai Bat' 

For centuries monks and novices have left their temples every day to walk through town, accepting alms from the local townsfolk: a way for people to gain merit and for the monastic community to maintain contact with their community. This walking meditation occurs at first light in different locations throughout Luang Prabang. There is a procession along the town’s main street, but we recommend the quieter and less frequented Sai Bat in front of the resort. We invite you to join us for this contemplative and spiritual experience.

Lao textile experience

A short drive to Ban Saylom, visitors will be welcomed by Ock Pop Tok’s Cultural Guide in a beautifully-restored wooden house over refreshing tea. Learn the art of silk making at Ock Pop Tok in Ban Saylom, a short drive from Amantaka. After understanding the three distinct types of Lao weaving and trying your hand at the loom, enjoy dyeing your own silk scarf and designing your own batik masterpiece.

Cruise the fabled Mekong River

The mighty Mekong River starts its journey in the Tibetan Plateau and passes through Laos on its way to the South China Sea. Explore its bends and banks on one of Amantaka’s private boats, cruising to Pak Ou Caves or finding the perfect spot for a riverside picnic upstream. As the sun sets over forested mountains, enjoy cocktails and canapés while witnessing the town’s evening rituals from the water.

Family Adventure

Multi-generational activities abound in Luang Prabang, whether hiking to a waterfall for a swim in turquoise limestone pools, enjoying a cooking class on Amantaka’s organic farm or connecting with the gentle giants of the local elephant sanctuary.

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