Where summer lasts longer

A longer, lingering summer

For all the glamour and the glory of the high summer, there is an undeniable beauty to its closing days. In this time of transition, as the season segues into autumn, there are places in the world where the air is still warm on the skin, where the call of the sea proves irresistible, and a profound sense of serenity pervades.

Aman invites travellers to destinations in Europe and North Africa where summertime stretches well into October, and opportunities for adventure, wellness enhancement and gastronomic discovery await.


‘Wander away into the unknown depths of this world
and let your soul be your guide.’

– Rumi

Amanjena, Morocco

A palace among the palms

In a bubble of serenity just outside Marrakech, Amanjena promises guests intimate access to with Morocco’s myriad of charms, serving up exotic adventures amid uninterrupted tranquillity.

Tales of an ancient land


Morocco is a land woven from a thousand stories, with a culture built on a rich oral narrative tradition. For almost a millennium, hakawati (storytellers) have drawn crowds of eager listeners to Jemaa el-Fnaa, Marrakech’s main square, to hear ancient tales and share in the wisdom of their fables.


The modern age has seen the practice fall into decline, and there are few true storytellers left, but Amanjena offers a rare opportunity to witness a master of the craft in full flow. Hajj Ahmed Ezzarghani has collected and shared his gripping tales for over 50 years. Guests are invited to discover the heart of Moroccan culture through an unforgettable performance from a storyteller at the peak of his powers.


Spending time in a caidal tent conjures an atmosphere of desert adventure with a frisson of decadence – reminiscent of the days when Moroccan royals would pause their desert journeys to be entertained by snake charmers, fire jugglers, and belly dancers, immersed in the opulent comfort of scattered pillows and ornate rugs.


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One's own private sanctuary

Surrounded by horseshoe arches and columns, and woven among palms, olive groves and fountains are Amanjena’s Maisons.

Entirely private, these generous, elegant dwellings are spread over two levels, and have shaded courtyard gardens, airy living spaces and swimming pools. Despite feeling remote from the rest of the world, these standalone villas are within reach of every imagined desire, and can be interconnected to accommodate larger families and groups. For a truly regal experience, however, the Al Hamra Suite – tended by a resident private butler – offers discerning guests the epitome of Moorish grandeur.

Amanzoe, Greece

A modern day acropolis

As the summer sun slowly sets on the Peloponnese, September and October herald warm days and cooler nights. Open until 11 November 2021, Amanzoe offers a balmy welcome to travellers seeking peace and tranquillity. 

Teamed with the manifold beauties of the landscape in transition, the still-warm seas and assured daily sunshine make Amanzoe an ideal late-season destination, especially for those seeking culinary discovery or wellness-enriching experiences.

Greek gastronomy

Paying homage to the culinary bounties of this time of year, Amanzoe’s pop up restaurant events in October see some of the most influential chefs of modern Greek gastronomy visiting the resort to showcase and celebrate the traditional techniques and ingredients of the Peloponnese region.

On 9 October, one of Greece’s most beloved chefs, Konstantina Faklari, takes guests on a nostalgic tasting tour of classic regional flavours; then on 16 October, the modern Greek master Dimitrios Dimitriadis hosts an evening exploring contemporary cuisine from across the country. 

Amanzoe - Wellness, Spa, Facial Amanzoe - Wellness, Spa, Hammam

Wellness innovation

Amanzoe enters autumn with a plethora of innovative beauty- and fitness-enhancing treatments at the Aman Spa. For those looking to take their training to the next level, new Cellgym technology is designed to improve energy efficiency and performance through Intermittent Hypoxia/Hyperoxia Training (IHHT), which alternates inhalation of oxygen-rich and oxgen-depleted air to establish the perfect personalised training regime.

For those more focused on rejuvenation and replenishment, a new menu of anti-ageing facials incorporating MesoJet and radiofrequency technology are designed to quickly and effectively tighten and nourish the skin. These cutting-edge procedures are joined by new hands-on therapies, too – including a manual facial designed to leave the skin fresh and healthy without the use of machinery, and a deeply soothing 45-minute after-sun sun treatment.

Amanruya, Turkey

The pine-scented peninsula

As summer retreats from the rest of Europe, it lingers in Bodrum. And no wonder – Turkey’s most beguiling coastal region can be difficult to tear oneself away from. Open until 16 November 2021, Amanruya’s stone pavilions and picturesque gardens are the ideal places to savour the summer sun.

Autumn on the Aegean

After months of sunshine, the Aegean Sea remains balmy and warm well into autumn, making this time of year perfect for watersports and aquatic adventure. It’s a time of clear skies, soft sunlight and leisurely evenings alfresco, with music drifting on the air along with the scent of pine.

The Aegean is one of the world’s greatest destinations for summer sailing, and guests of Amanruya have all of its delights at their disposal. Introduced this year, the resort hosts half- and full-day boat trips launching from Torba Marina, five minutes from the resort. Explore spectacular bays, visit historic harbours, and drop anchor beside peaceful paradise islands, pausing en route for a swim and a chef-prepared picnic.

Back at the resort, Thursday and Sunday evenings celebrate the joy of alfresco dining, with pop-up barbecues featuring the best of Bodrum’s meat, fish and seafood, grilled to perfection and served with an array of Turkish mezze and salads. Jazz tunes fill the air, sommelier-selected local wines fill the glasses, and the golden tones of sunset fill the sky. Alternatively, experience a taste of Japan, with fresh sushi, tempura and caviar dishes served daily at the Restaurant.


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Havens of tranquillity

Soothing and peaceful, Aman resorts and hotels strive to bring the culture and the energy of their destination direct to the guest. Anywhere in the world, high season or low, Aman provides every service and support to ensure smooth transits and transfers.

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