Experiences at Amanyangyun

Amanyangyun, Shanghai Amanyangyun - China

Breathe in the forest

Resting alongside Amanyangyun, the 10-hectare Forest Park is a sacred green haven with a remarkable story. Its giant camphor trees seeded themselves in Fuzhou a millennia ago, but today reach for the sky on the outskirts of Shanghai. Picnic in emerald forest glades, jog through dappled sunlight or cycle through the soothing shade of these magnificent trees. Guided Tai Chi, yoga and meditation can also be arranged in the peace and privacy of Forest Park. 


Chinese Afternoon Tea on The Lake

Chinese Afternoon Tea on The Lake is the perfect way to unwind amidst Amanyangyun’s beautiful surroundings. Adjacent to the lakeside, a rich and diverse forest park teems with wildlife; graceful black swans glide across the water, rare birds fill the air with their song and rabbits duck and dive across the lake’s central isle. All of which can be observed while sipping on a freshly brewed cup of tea and sweet and savoury treats prepared by the resort’s head chef.  

Organic garden tour

Amanyangyun's 200-square metre organic garden provides the resort’s kitchens with a wide range of homegrown herbs, fruits and vegetables. Hotel guests are invited to visit the resort’s green heart on a guided tour, learning about seasonal harvesting, and pluck fresh produce with Amanyangyun’s chef. For a true farm-to-table experience, at lakeside restaurant Arva, guests can taste the signature Arva Salad, made solely with the vegetables grown in the garden.

Cultural experiences

Amanyangyun's setting belies its proximity to Shanghai's metropolitan heart; the historic Bund district, along with cultural, dining and shopping attractions, are all within an easy drive away. Head further afield to explore the traditional canal town of Zhujiajiao and the cultural hubs of Hangzhou and Suzhou. 

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Personalised excursions

Amanyangyun offers a number of personalised off-property activities and excursions. Expert guides accompany guests on private outings tailored specifically to their needs and interests. Half-day excursions include exploring the hidden streets of the Former French Concession. Visit Yuyuan Garden, stroll along the Bund and experience tea tasting in Xintiandi.

Preserved water towns

Zhujiajiao is an ancient water town with a history dating back more than 1,700 years. North Street is the best-preserved street in town. Take your time wandering down this ancient thoroughfare and appreciating the long-established stores and historic buildings.

Art Carnival

Since 2021, Amanyangyun’s local community has organised several large-scale art exhibitions, multiple gallery group exhibition projects, and a number of solo exhibitions by renowned artists from across China and further afield. These exhibitions have showcased the works of almost a hundred well-known artists, including Florentijn Hofman, Hajime Sorayama, Yi Ding, Yulong Huang, and Murakami Takashi. Guests of Amanyangyun, are invited make priority appointments and visit these exhibitions.