Spice Islands Expedition

Discover a cluster of eleven pristine islands, each a tropical paradise in Indonesia’s fabled Banda Sea.

Set your own course with a personalised 10-night itinerary for the voyage of a lifetime. Just south of the equator, the Banda Islands were for centuries the world’s only source of nutmeg, earning them their nickname. Blanketed in forests and fringed by powder white beaches, the islands are surrounded by vibrant coral reefs, teeming with marine life. Charming villages can be found on five of the islands, while old Dutch forts can be explored on Banda Neira, Besar and Rhun.


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Cruises on Amandira, Traditional Indonesian Yacht - Amanwana, Indonesia

Sail the Spice Islands; amongst vibrant reefs and serene white beaches

Embark on a ten-night voyage to discover the Spice Islands, a cluster of seven tiny islands in Eastern Indonesia’s vast Banda Sea. Known for their raw natural beauty, the islands were once home to the world’s only source of nutmeg, drawing tradesmen from far and wide. Today, traces of this past lie hidden beneath the blanket of dense forest, discoverable on foot led by expert guides.

As you sail between the islands on Amandira, dive into the clear turquoise waters to see the abundant marine life. Closer to shore, vibrant multi-coloured coral reefs lie in the shallows off the serene white beaches. Whether on shore or at sea, experienced staff offer intuitive service and expert guidance throughout your journey.

Amandira Amandira Amandira

Sparkling seas and wide-open skies

Experience the pure exhilaration and freedom of the ocean as you sail or cruise towards the islands with dolphins and sperm whales in your wake. At night the stars are scattered like glowing seeds across the sky and in the first light of dawn, the verdant isles appear mirage-like on the horizon.

Climb a volcano for prehistoric views

Brooding over the islands is magnificent, Gunung Api, Banda’s “Fire Mountain”. At 666m it is easily summited and provides unrivalled views of the archipelago. Walk around the rim of the jungle-filled crater, then descend to the shoreline for a well-earned swim or snorkel in crystal clear waters.

Beach bliss and sunset dreams

Explore secluded beaches, kayak and paddleboard. Explore the islands’ verdant interiors with guided nature walks and toast spectacular sunsets. After anchoring at Banda Neira one evening, enjoy a candlelit dinner on the ramparts of Fort Belgica with live music and a traditional dance performance.

World class snorkelling and scuba diving

Spot Napolean wrasse off Hatta Beach and explore the vibrant reefs of Pulau Ai and Koon Island. Marvel at the marine life of Batu Udang and witness surgeonfish, barracuda, fusiliers and more with the rising and falling tides. Turtles, manta rays, eels and a proliferation of dogtooth tuna and mobula rays call the region home.


Pearl farms and secret caves

Visit the pearl beds of Tolomol and discover the secrets of farming these precious salt-water gemstones. Ride a dinghy through secret caverns, then dive the intriguing depths of Farondi Cave. Every adventure can include a picnic lunch on a beautiful beach, or a sit-down, alfresco feast aboard Amandira.

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