The Grandest Tour

Amankora Gallery

19 March - 9 April 2023

Round-the-world expedition

Up to 18 guests can join this round-the-world expedition, travelling by private jet and staying exclusively in Aman properties. See Japan from a new perspective; observe the ebb and flow of the Mekong in Laos, relax on Phuket's most secluded shores; embrace the majestic landscapes of Bhutan; explore the historical and natural attractions of India; enjoy an array of fresh seasonal produce from Turkey and witness the breathtaking coastlines of Greece. This unprecedented expedition is a Grand Tour for the 21st century.

Expedition date

19 March - 9 April 2023

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Destination 1: Japan

Aman Tokyo - Dining, Restaurant Aman Tokyo

Aman Tokyo, Japan

At the top of the iconic Otemachi Tower, Aman Tokyo enjoys views across the Imperial Gardens towards Mount Fuji. It is a serene retreat from the city – and ideally placed for exploring its vibrant heart.
Enjoy three full days touring Tokyo and experience the best of its culture, shopping and dining, complemented by cocktails and a talk on the city's history at Aman Tokyo.

Destination 2: Japan


Amanemu, Shima, Japan 

Amanemu, a culinary hotspot, is inspired by the abundance of fresh seafood and Ise’s historic reputation as the breadbasket of the ancient Imperial Court. Executive Chef Masanobu Inaba sources exceptional produce from Ise-Shima, including Matsusaka Wagyu beef and abalone from Ago Bay. Amanemu is Aman’s first hot spring destination. Each suite and villa features its own mineral-rich private onsen, and the resort also offers two Onsen Pavilions with indoor and outdoor bathing areas. 

Spending two nights here, guests are invited to experience the local way of life – from its fascinating old town to a traditional Nagoya style meal. Explore Ise Jingu Grand Shrine, the holiest in all of Japan, visit Mikimoto Pearl Island, the first place to succeed in cultivating pearls in 1893, and unwind at Amanemu's 2,000 square metre spa and onsen to embrace the restorative power of water. 

Destination 3: Laos

Amantaka, Luang Prabang, Laos

On most days of the year, the golden spires of Unesco-protected Luang Prabang’s 32 wats pierce an impossibly blue sky. At its heart lies Amantaka, in the centre of the old town on a peninsula between the shady banks of the Mekong and Khan Rivers, just a short stroll from the Royal Palace and the main road’s cafes, restaurants and boutiques.

Spending two nights here, guests are invited to experience the local way of life – its ancient Buddhist rituals and fascinating colonial past. Visit the opulent temples of Wat Mai and Wat Phonphao, stroll through the colourful stalls of the Hmong Night Market or simply become accustomed to the country’s refreshingly slow pace of life.

Destination 4: Thailand

Amanpuri Villa

Amanpuri, Phuket, Thailand

One of the most secluded settings on Phuket, Amanpuri sits in a coconut grove overlooking private Pansea Beach – the stepping-off point for water sports and cruises to secret coves and nearby islets.
Spend three days enjoying Amanpuri's extensive facilities and unique dining venues, along with a yacht excursion to lunch in Phang Nga Bay. 

Destination 5: India

Spend your three nights in India at Amanbagh in Alwar, Rajasthan. Alternatively, stay at nearby Aman-i-Khás in Ranthambore. 


Amanbagh, Alwar, India

A verdant oasis lying within a walled compound, Amanbagh was once the staging area for the Maharajah of Alwar’s hunting expeditions. Close to picturesque rural villages and historic sites such as the ruined city of Bhangarh, the resort evokes the palatial elegance of the Mughal era and provides a tranquil base from which to explore the rich heritage of Rajasthan. 
After experiencing the sights and sounds of Jaipur, India’s fabled pink city, leave the Hawa Mahal and Amber Fort behind as you travel into the countryside towards Amanbagh. Here discover the benefits of Ayurveda and learn the secrets of India’s legendary cuisine, practice yoga in the gardens and float over serene Mansarover Lake. Learn more about the Meena tribe who live in the shadow of Ajabgarh Fort, and experience a cow dust tour at sunset, before a meaningful fire meditation and farewell feast.

Aman-i-Khas Tent Aman-i-Khas Gallery

Aman-i-Khas, Ranthambore, India 

Set beside the starkly handsome Aravalli Hills, Ranthambore National Park is one of the world's premier tiger sanctuaries. Measuring 1,334 square kilometres, the park is home to an array of wildlife and takes its name from nearby Ranthambore Fort, one of the oldest forts in the subcontinent, with a history stretching back more than a millennium. Its name combining the Sanskrit word for ‘peace’, aman, with the Hindi word for ‘special’, khás, Aman-i-Khás offers accommodation in ten air-conditioned tents with soaring canopies draped in the Moghul style.


Destination 6: Bhutan

Amankora, Paro, Bhutan

Paro lodge is one of five Amankora outposts across Bhutan, allowing guests to create their own journey through the Buddhist kingdom. Incorporating sophisticated accommodation and spa services, it is ideally located for both novice and expert hikers, on their way to marvel at the Taktsang (Tiger's Nest) or simply ascending to appreciate the beauty of the sun sinking beneath the lip of the timberline. 

Destination 7: Turkey

Amanruya, Turkey - Resort, Main Pool 3

Amanruya, Bodrum, Turkey

The scalloped coastline of the Bodrum Peninsula comprises sheltered coves and quaint villages, and it’s here that millennia of Greek and Roman history are evoked in Unesco-protected ruins. Meandering pebble pathways lead to the property’s central building, where spa suites and a three-storey library overlook the infinity pool, a vision of Antalya marble. Famous for the ruins of Ephesus and the medieval castle at Bodrum, the area is as alluring to historians as it is to holiday seekers.

Destination 8: Greece

Amanzoe, Peloponnese, Greece

A modern-day acropolis in the Peloponnese countryside, Amanzoe enjoys 360-degree views of olive groves and spectacular coastline, set within reach of Unesco-listed treasures of the ancient world.

Relax and dine overlooking an Aegean panorama, unwind at the elegant Beach Club, and explore the region on a boat trip to nearby Spetses, with the option to head further afield into Athens.

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