Aman Summer Palace, China - Aerial View.

Travels in an ancient empire

Step through a secret door into the grounds of Beijing’s Summer Palace. Wander the Unesco-listed streets of Lijiang Old Town. Discover Chinese culinary traditions in an ancient Hangzhou village. Rejuvenate in camphor-scented serenity outside downtown Shanghai. For all the bustle and clamour of modern-day China, Aman promises balance, peace and cultural immersion through four unique properties, each offering a different and unforgettable perspective on the spiritual heritage and contemporary character of a vast, complex and extraordinarily beautiful land.

The year of the rabbit

In Beijing, revel in the warmth and imperial grandeur of Aman Summer Palace’s dining rooms with delicately layered Cantonese poon choi, then slip through a secret entrance to explore the Unesco treasure next door. In Lijiang, savour tea-smoked duck with views of Old Town before a traditional Naxi blessing ceremony on Amandayan’s mountain-ringed hilltop.

In the company of giant camphor trees on the outskirts of Shanghai, choose from Amanyangyun’s multi-course New Year’s Eve set dinners featuring lobster, red crab, bird nest soup and more. Or celebrate surrounded by the tea plantations and temples of Hangzhou’s West Lake, with Amanfayun’s banquet-style menus promising convivial fine dining to herald good fortune for all in the year ahead.

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