Adventures on Land

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Home to the island’s protected deer, macaques and prolific birdlife, Moyo’s hilly tropical forests are crisscrossed by hiking paths and several mountain biking trails. These lead explorers to breathtaking viewpoints, secret waterfalls, tranquil forest glades in which to picnic and secluded beaches and coves along the coastline. Most routes start directly from camp.

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Honeymoon Beach

Enjoy the privacy of your own secluded beach, tucked away on a deserted shore. Our beach assistants will drop you at one of the many nearby coves with a picnic lunch, snorkelling equipment and sun mattresses. With nothing around you but nature and the gentle sounds of the ocean lapping the shore, you can relax with a good book, snorkel the shallow reefs and savour your picnic at leisure.



Embark on a guided trek along forest trails and follow winding paths clinging to coastal cliffs with panoramic views of the Flores Sea. Traverse Amanwana Ridge and perhaps continue along Crocodile Head – a peninsula with magnificent sunset views. Explore the rugged coastline north of Amanwana along coastal cliffs or join a guided expedition to the island’s Bat Cave, home to seven species of bats and the occasional python. From short trek to the crocodile head to longer trails inland, the most adventurous way to discover Moyo Island is by foot.

Barry's Falls

Known as Mata Jitu or Barry’s Falls after the naturalist, Barry Lees, who helped find the perfect setting for Amanwana, this spectacular waterfall is an example of nature at its finest. It comprises a series of cascading limestone pools at the very heart of the island deep in the tropical forest. The spring-fed water of the pools is as pure as it comes, perfect for a drink and a refreshing swim to escape the heat.