Experiences at Amanfayun

Situated on 14 hectares, Amanfayun lies within walking distance of Lingyin Temple, founded in 326 AD, and is just six kilometres from tranquil West Lake. This Unesco World Heritage Site inspired the poets of old with its serene waters and countless pagodas. The resort is also only a 20-minute scenic drive from the centre of Hangzhou, along China’s tea and silk hub, described by Marco Polo as “the city of heaven”. 

Amanfayun Experiences amanfayun-china.jpg Amanfayun Experiences

Cultural Immersion at Fayun Place 

Learn Chinese arts ranging from calligraphy and paper cutting to tea tasting, listen to local musicians, and enjoy informative talks on topics as varied as Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dating back to the 1800s, the two-storey Fayun Place is the cultural heart of the village, and also hosts complimentary afternoon tea daily. 

Temple Trail

Seven Buddhist temples form an ancient pilgrimage route and are accessible on foot from Amanfayun, each surrounded by magnificent gardens. Chant with the monks in the early mornings or evenings at Faxi Temple, marvel at the splendour of Lingyin Temple – once home to 3,000 monks – and admire the meditative views from Taoguang Temple. 

West Lake 

At its most peaceful in the early mornings, idyllic West Lake is dotted with bridges, pagodas and islands. A causeway allows one to stroll right across this Unesco World Heritage Site, and its shores are lined with landscaped gardens. Spend a morning or late afternoon adrift on its tranquil waters with a picnic breakfast or afternoon tea, or cycle its shores. 

Trek to Longjing Village

Hike through bamboo forests and scenic tea fields, crossing nine small streams on steppingstones, until you reach Longjing (Dragon Well) Village. Famous for its eponymous tea, this quaint village is always a hive of activity, especially in the spring, when you can join locals harvesting and roasting their specialist blend.  

Hike to North Peak

Offering some of the most beautiful views in the area – all the way to West Lake – North Peak is 300 metres high and home to Lingshun Temple. Explore the forested grottoes of Feilai Feng and their secrets on your way to the top, and reward your efforts with refreshments on the temple’s stone viewing decks. 

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