King Camphor Tree

Amanyangyun’s story began over 700 kilometres from Shanghai in rural Fuzhou, a region characterised by camphor forests and historic villages. 

When plans for a much-needed reservoir were approved in 2002, a Fuzhou-born entrepreneur worked to relocate 50 Ming- and Qing-dynasty villas and ten thousand of the trees to Shanghai. These historic remnants of old China would later be sensitively restored, becoming Aman’s fourth retreat in China.

Two decades later, an established forest has flourished, with one central 80-tonne King Camphor Tree at its heart. In homage to this tree, Amanyangyun introduced a King Camphor Tree Seedlings Program this spring, cultivating the seeds that fall from the tree by drying, selecting, and sowing them by hand. The resort’s gardeners carefully nurture the seedlings to germinate, before transferring them into pots in Cultural Discovery Center where little ones are invited to assist, learn and share the responsibility of these precious plants, securing their future for years to come. 

At the Cultural Discovery Centre, little guests are invited to cultivate the seedlings of Amanyangyun’s King Camphor Tree. Precious and limited in number, the resort’s team of gardens share the story of growth of the seedlings in this heart-warming and educational experience.

King Camphor Tree blessing

No visit to Amanyangyun is complete without watering the King Camphor Tree. An experience completely unique to Amanyangyun, guests are invited to nourish the tree with water from an ancient well, followed by a screening of the 20-minute long Amanyangyun documentary film in the resort’s very own IMAX Cinema. Reflecting on the past to enrich the future, the film tells the moving story of the resort’s 16-year-long creation, and can be followed by an optional guided architectural tour of Amanyangyun’s historic Antique Villas.