At one with water

The benefits of a Blue Mind

Water is the essence of life. It balances the mind and heals the body. To be close to – or submerged in – water is to feel present in the moment and engaged with the world, a state of being called ‘the Blue Mind’.

For kitesurfers, existing at the meeting point of the wind and the waves, the Blue Mind is the meditative state that allows them to perform at their best, an inner stillness and sense of connection that enables astonishing physical feats.


Summoning the gods

In the Philippines, it is said the breeze comes at the whim of the gods. The kitesurfers of Amanpulo await the coming of Amihan, the goddess of the northeast winds. In preparation, stretching readies the muscles for the physical demands of riding the board. Meditation melts away everyday stresses and opens the mind to the moment.

When the wind catches the kite and the board lifts from the surface of the water, the mind floods with exhilaration. There are few sports that combine this kind of adrenaline high with such a profound feeling of peace. Here, above the waves, the challenge is maintaining balance on the board while keeping control of the kite. Working in harmony with the wind demands considerable agility and great clarity of thought, but the rewards are unparalleled.

Amanpulo Kite & Surf Centre

Some of the world’s most accomplished kitesurfers gather on Pamalican Island, sharing their expertise and tales of the high seas with Amanpulo guests through the resort’s world-leading Kite Surf Centre, including Paula Rosales, one of Asia’s highest-ranked athletes.

Picking up in December and lasting through April with wind speeds from 15 to 35 knots, Amihan provides consistent wind conditions ideal for kitesurfing, for beginners and pro riders alike.

For the love of water

For the love of water

Amanpulo works closely with local fishing villages to encourage the preservation of the marine environment, as well as maximising educational and employment opportunities in the local island community. Meanwhile, Aman’s island’s turtle-conservation programme ensures more than 700 baby turtles make it safely back to the sea each year.

'Water quiets all the noise, all the distractions, and connects you to your own thoughts.' 

- Wallace J Nichols, The Blue Mind

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Water worlds

Water’s power to improve health and promote happiness is proven. Whether it’s an ocean or a river, whether we’re submerged in the sea or simply looking at a lake, the presence of water inspires relaxation and boosts wellbeing. It’s no coincidence that so many Aman resorts should have water at the centre of their stories.

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