Experiences at Amanruya

The Aegean region of Turkey offers classical history and natural beauty in equal measure. On this fabled coastline, Unesco World Heritage Sites and towns with ancient names overlook picturesque bays, traditional Turkish gulets sail between islands, and villagers still practice age-old artisanal crafts. Situated in a quiet bay just north of Bodrum, Amanruya is ideally placed for exploring the region’s many attractions, offering bespoke guided tours tailored to individual interests. 

Amanruya Amanruya Amanruya

Unesco-protected Ephesus 

Ancient cultural sites including Ephesus, Priene, Miletus and Didyma lie within a three-hour drive of Amanruya. Maximise your time and explore by helicopter, with the added bonus of seeing these remarkable remnants of Greek and Roman civilization and their towering steps and columns from the air. Tours always include a scenic picnic, and can also take in Pammukale, Hierapolis and Aphrodisias farther afield. 

Pottery in Mumcular Village 

Just 30 minutes by car from Amanruya, the village of Mumcular is famous for its pottery artisans and its distinctive red clay. The village’s master potter welcomes Amanruya guests for a private demonstration of his talents and a hands-on pottery lesson. After the lesson, enjoy a traditional Turkish brunch in his home. 

Horse riding from Ortakent 

Surrounded by beautiful forests and farmland, Ortakent Village lies a 30-minute drive from Amanruya and is known for its riding school. After being matched with a suitable mount, venture into the countryside to explore its many winding trails. An hour’s guided ride is followed by a picnic breakfast or lunch with panoramic views of the bay. 

The village of Etrim

Known for producing one of the most intricate hand-knotted carpets in Turkey, a private visit to Etrim allows guests the chance to witness the traditional process of spinning, dying and weaving in a local master’s home, where a fine collection of carpets are offered for sale. After a tour of the village, a rustic farm meal will be served in a secluded outdoor setting.

Gourmet experience at Karnas Vineyards

A boutique vineyard 40 minutes by car from Amanruya, Karnas produces Turkey’s first Zinfandel and a delicious Shiraz. Taste these wines accompanied by a platter of goat’s cheeses, jams and olives, all made by Selia Artisinal Farm under the same roof.