A new dawn

A new dawn

Aman’s livelihood is its environments; settings that have served for over three decades as food for the brand’s emblematic soul. Rich in tradition, steeped in history and abound with natural beauty, these are the places that have long shaped the guest experience for which Aman has become renowned.  

Despite the challenges of the years gone-by, Aman’s destinations - from the ancient capitals of the east to the rolling landscapes of the west – remain as culturally stimulating as once before and waiting to be discovered. Our mission: to sensitively share their unique stories with you in this, travel’s new dawn.

Cultural riches

Customs, conventions and unique ways of living

Amangalla hero portrait Amangalla Experience


From the fabled golden beaches to ancient temples, tea plantations and fishing villages, Sri Lanka offers a myriad of cultural experiences. The undisputed queen of the coastline is the quaint town of Galle, dominated by the imposing Galle Fort since the 1600s, when Dutch settlers strolled its cobbled streets.

Today, a Unesco World Heritage Site, the Fort is home to gracious Amangalla, where guests are invited to experience what lies within its walls - a bustling time capsule of narrow pathways lined with churches, boutiques and restaurants displaying their colonial heritage beneath terracotta-tiled roofs. Best seen on-foot, tours take place with a knowledgeable local guide and end at the iconic lighthouse on the ramparts, just in time for sunset. 


Just ten-minutes away from Angkor - the vast temple complex of the former Khmer empire – Amansara offers guests a full immersion into the ancient heritage of Cambodia. One of the most important archaeological parks in South-East Asia, today the sacred ruins are recognised as a Unseco World Heritage Site for their religious and symbolic significance.

From Amansara, guests have privileged access to Angkor, including the opportunity to experience the temple at sun rise, accompanied by an expert guide. Following a 4:30am wake-up call, admission to the Ankor Wat temple is granted at first light, where the simplicity of dawn creates a truly unforgettable experience in Cambodia’s cultural heartland.  

Aman Venice Private Grand Canal Boat Tour Aman Venice Gallery

Aman Venice

From Michelangelo to da Vinci, Italy’s artists are documented as greats. Nowhere is this culture more prominent than in Venice, a city that not only celebrates centuries-old traditions but lives and breathes art and craftsmanship, which is revealed at every turn.

From the historic Palazzo Papadopoli, guests of Aman Venice are invited to visit the city’s finest artists and ateliers, from leatherworkers, mosaicists and goldsmiths to perfumers and sculptors. Curated and led by the foremost experts in their fields, the hotel’s privately guided excursions range from private art classes with Venice’s marbling experts to visiting the Orsoni atelier to observe the production of 24k gold leaf mosaics, allowing guests to discover the city’s secrets away from the crowds.  

Earth's adventures

The natural world through the eyes of Aman


On its own private peninsula, surrounded only by the Andaman Sea, Amanpuri offers an enriching array of water-bound adventures for those seeking to renew their appreciation for the ocean, Mother Nature’s most mysterious natural wonder.

Traverse the coastline by boat with a private crew, enjoy a peaceful sunset while paddle-boarding across the bay, or experience the excitement of riding the world's fastest underwater vessel. Seasoned scuba divers can also become reacquainted with the underwater world, with boats departing daily to the best sites around Phuket and PADI courses available for beginners.

Amangiri - Spa, Pool Via Ferrata, Amangiri, USA


In a storied desert landscape of canyons, mesas, ridges and gorges, Amangiri rests quietly, a remote playground for adventures among the world’s finest natural landmarks. Thousands of square miles of untouched scenery surround the resort, from which the region’s fascinating geology can be experienced first-hand with expert guides who take guests of all abilities on adrenaline-filled adventures across the Colorado Plateau.

Scaling rock-faces and admiring endless vistas from the steepest mountaintops, the resort’s Via Ferrata routes include the iconic Cave Peak Stairway, a unique installation raising 400 feet (122 metres) above the ground.


Lapped by calm, clear seas Amanpulo’s private island setting is best explored barefoot. Its shallow waters create a kite surfer’s paradise, where the power of the elements can be harnessed, and the turquoise waters traversed with effortless ease.

For beginners, the lagoon resembles a natural swimming pool, making it easy to walk around and learn the ropes. Lessons are comprehensive and personally tailored in collaboration with surfing brand, Naish, with instructors sharing their expertise and tales of the high seas with guests before they embark on their own aquatic adventure. 

Signature journeys

 Unforgettable itineraries in regions unknown


Until the late 1960s, when the Kingdom's urban centres started to emerge, the population was dispersed across small, remote villages, meaning its cultures, traditions and landscapes have remained undiluted. Sensitively integrated into their surroundings as if they were always there, Amankora’s lodges, spread across five valleys, offer an insight into Bhutanese daily life.

For those looking ahead and planning future travel, Amankora's 12-night Designing a Kingdom journey is one of Aman's most extraordinary experiences. Visiting all five lodges with a bespoke itinerary and the safe hands of a private guide, guests will discover the country's dramatic mountain passes and forested wilds, encounter arts, crafts and architecture, and learn of local ways of life, with spiritual encounters along the way. 

Aman Tokyo Palace Garden View Aman Tokyo Gallery

Aman Tokyo

Aman has long prided itself on cultural immersion and the opportunity for guests to learn about their surroundings with unrestricted access. Nowhere is this realised more successfully than in Japan, where from Aman Tokyo, guests can embark on three journeys that touch the fabric of the country’s identity and contribute to the preservation of the city’s communities.

Whether spending an evening accompanied by a geisha in the prestigious ryotei (tea house) Tsurunaka, taking an immersive personalised art tour of Tokyo with local curators Renna Okubo and Wakako Tezen or discovering the remarkable history of Japan’s iconic sport, sumo, with a visit to see the wrestlers in training, Aman Tokyo guests are invited to experience the capital from an insider’s perspective.



The cultural heart of Indonesia, Java is studded with ancient treasures engulfed by paddy fields and rainforests. To experience the many facets of the island - from city to sanctuary – guests are invited to travel via train through Java to Amanjiwo on a luxury seven-hour voyage.

Starting in Jakarta, the panoramic journey passes temples, tree-lined hillsides and striking mountain landscapes with a new story appearing around every corner. Aman refreshments are served on board, accompanied by historic and cultural insights from Amanjiwo’s resident anthropologist along the way. Groups can also choose to make the journey in private, ensuring upmost comfort, safety and a truly memorable adventure.

In just a few months' time, Aman will unveil its latest landmark – an enclave of serenity in Manhattan's Crown Building. Marking the rebirth of an architectural icon, Aman New York will house the brand’s first urban Residences alongside dining venues, an 83-suite hotel and an extraordinary three-storey spa. Most importantly, it will connect guests to the spirit of the city - telling its story in a way only Aman can.  


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