Temples, Beaches, and Riads: Kyoto to Marrakech

Jet Expedition - Temples, Beaches, and Riads: Kyoto to Marrakech 


Expedition date

16 October - 3 November 2023 

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Up to 18 guests can join this unforgettable private jet expedition, staying at a selection of Aman properties around the globe. The expedition includes authentic experiences, unique cultural immersions and exquisite local cuisines.


Destination 1: Japan

Aman Kyoto

Aman Kyoto, Japan

Once the imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto was built in 794. Spared much of the devastation of WW2 that other Japanese cities faced, it retains many of its historic buildings – so much so that there are almost 20 Unesco World Heritage Sites within the city. Visit some of the most sacred sites with a knowledgeable local guide, including the Golden Pavilion, Ryoan-ji Temple and Nijo Castle. At the Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery, enjoy a discussion with Robert on the history of Japanese pottery, while sipping cocktails and sake. 

Destination 2: Philippines

Amanpulo, Palawan, Philippines

Set on its own private island, Amanpulo is the quintessential tropical paradise. On arrival at this whisper-quiet retreat, guests are greeted by cerulean skies and turquoise waters. Amanpulo offers an abundance of aquatic activities, including sailing, scuba diving and windsurfing, as well as beautiful stretches of deserted beach.

Set in a series of wooden pavilions with views out across the sea, enjoy a massage at the Aman Spa, or explore the culinary options the island has to offer.

Destination 3: Indonesia

	Festive Season at Amanjiwo

Amanjiwo, Borobudur, Indonesia

Silhouetted at sunrise, Unesco-listed Borobudur is sure to stir up artistic tendencies - from Mount Merapi’s volcanic peak, smouldering in the background, Amanjiwo provides guests with sets of watercolour paints. Here in Indonesia’s artistic and intellectual heartland, Borobudur, one of Buddhism’s most sacred Mahayana temples, was reclaimed from the jungle in the 19th century, and its significance is echoed in the resort’s design. The hypnotic sounds of gamelan resonate through the colonnaded Restaurant, with views over rice fields to Borobudur and the volcano-fringed horizon.

Destination 4: Sri Lanka

Amangalla, Galle, Sri Lanka 

In the historic port of Galle, Amangalla sits within the ramparts of Galle Fort. Named after the Sanskrit word for ‘peace’, and Galla, the Sinhalese name for the town of Galle, the resort reveals the Fort’s daily activities and rich legacy, its narrow streets lined with buildings from the Dutch and British colonial eras. Offering views of the resort’s 200-year-old lush gardens and of the Fort and harbour beyond, Amangalla provides for the leisurely exploration of the port and the surrounding countryside.


Destination 5: Muscat, Oman

Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE

Salalah, Oman 

Salalah’s hilly landscape is awash with luscious green tones for most of the year, thanks to the monsoon rains that spill over from the Indian Ocean. Behind the capital of Muscat, the built up urban area here is considered Oman’s second city, and its large port fronting the sea. Venture out of town to explore the flourishing farms and plantations, take a trip along one of the many mountain routes and admire cascading waterfalls. In the hills overlooking the main city is the alleged Tomb of Job, one of the most important historical sites in the whole province, including the spectacular Palace of Sultan Qaboos.

Destination 6: Turkey

Amanruya, Bodrum, Turkey

The scalloped coastline of the Bodrum Peninsula comprises sheltered coves and quaint villages, and it’s here that millennia of Greek and Roman history are evoked in Unesco-protected ruins. Meandering pebble pathways lead to the property’s central building, where spa suites and a three-storey library overlook the infinity pool, a vision of Antalya marble. Famous for the ruins of Ephesus and the medieval castle at Bodrum, the area is as alluring to historians as it is to holiday seekers.

Destination 7: Morocco


Amanjena, Marrakech, Morocco 

Inspired by the rose-hued buildings of old Marrakech and its twelfth-century Menara Gardens, palatial Amanjena lies just outside the fabled Red City. Amid shady courtyards with petal-strewn fountains, traditional earth-toned pisé-de-terre walls give way to the central bassin that nourishes the gardens. Radiating from this ornamental irrigation pool are spacious stand-alone guest Pavilions, each with its own garden and gazebo and many with private pools. Vaulted ceilings and Moorish arches house cool, elegant interiors, with a generosity of space reflecting the Sahara all around.

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