Autumn Experiences at Kyoto

Autumn Experiences

Aman Kyoto Dining

With summer now a distant memory - filled with unforgettable moments from warm days and nights – the months of October and November herald the arrival of autumn. With the changing of the seasons comes a change in landscape, where the floral scent of Osmanthus fills the air, and the emerald garden of Aman Kyoto changes its camouflage to warm autumn shades of red, yellow and orange. During this period, guests are invited to try several new experiences at Aman Kyoto, where the resort’s forested gardens provide a tranquil backdrop from which to discover. 

Dining experiences

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Private garden picnic

A luscious jewel at the heart of a forest, Aman Kyoto’s garden is a feat of nature, offering all who enter its emerald bowers nature’s healing touch. In autumn it is particularly inviting, when the sea of leaves turns several shades of gold and red. To make the most of the resort’s serene setting, guests are invited to enjoy a picnic in the garden itself, where a private set-up and Aman Kyoto’s team on hand to cater to every need. Accompanied only by the gentle breeze and flickering sunlight through the trees, choose to enjoy breakfast or lunch in this uniquely tranquil setting where autumn is found in full bloom. 

Autumn afternoon tea – A touch of rinpa

Around 400 years ago in the early Edo period, artist Hon'ami Koetsu settled in the Takagamine district in Kyoto - where Aman Kyoto stands today. The artistic beginnings of Takagamine later created a new style of art called Rinpa, which has influenced artists around the world. This autumn, Aman Kyoto offers afternoon tea that pays homage to the creativity of this style, served in the resort’s elegant Living Pavilion. 

Alongside a choice of 20 different types of tea, a decadent display of treats will be served. Using autumn ingredients, savoury dishes include red caviar and smoked salmon quiche while intricate pastries are inspired by renowned Rinpa artists. A fragrant combination of lemon mousse, apple agar, and soybean flour creates Bun Kin, which represents Araki Jippo's artwork, Birds and Flowers of Four Seasons Autumn, and a pastry inspired by Tawaraya Sotatsu’s masterpiece, Fujin and Raijin Folding Screen combines light pumpkin and smooth brûlée cream and finished with gold leaf, for a truly unique gastronomic experience.

Outdoor experiences

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Sounds of the Shinobue

Our understanding of different cultures is led by our senses, whether the taste of authentic cuisine or the scent of a place – from fresh pine forest to sweet cherry blossom. At Aman Kyoto, the opportunity to further one’s understanding can be found at the Sounds of the Shinobue event - a homage to the Japanese bamboo flute that dates back to ancient times. On selected dates throughout October and November, internationally renowned Shinobue player and composer, Kazuya Sato, will serenade guests from the terrace of The Living Pavilion, creating a connection between oneself and the beautiful natural surroundings. 

Helicopter journeys

Experience Kyoto and its many temples, shrines and gardens from the air with a 15–25-minute personalised helicopter tour. Take off just a few minutes’ drive from the resort, where the golden Kinkaku-ji temple will appear below you almost immediately. As you fly over the Kamigamo Shrine, marvel at the beauty of this ancient capital, the ancient Shinto sanctuary on the banks of the Kamo River, Lake Biwa and the impeccably preserved ward of Higashiyama on the lower slopes of Kyoto’s eastern mountain.

Featured wellness experience

Wellness escape

Take a restorative break surrounded by nature at Aman Kyoto and enjoy the resort’s Aman Spa and other exclusive privileges. Savour complimentary daily American or Japanese breakfast at The Living Pavilion by Aman and enjoy a blissful 90-minute body massage with a two-night stay.