Zen garden

Aman Kyoto, Japan - Seasonal Dining Exclusive, Zen Garden

Until 30 June

Experience an exquisite Zen garden with your tastebuds - every detail, from its moss-covered boulders to its bonsai trees and pebble pathway, utterly delicious. Served for afternoon tea or as a dessert, this edible masterpiece perfectly reflects the natural beauty that surrounds Aman Kyoto. But instead of earth, pebbles, green leaves and bark, you’ll taste white panna cotta, the rich and elegant sweetness of tiramisu made with fragrant organic Uji matcha and yuzu citrus, and the lightest of sponges and cookies. Even the branches are edible – made of crispy cocoa langue de chat. 


¥ 5,300 (inclusive of service charge and tax) 

*Available between 3pm and 3.30pm