Cultural Experiences

Aman Tokyo, Japan - Skyline

A city with an ancient history, full of captivating cultural sites, Tokyo offers a lifetime worth of exploration. With Aman Tokyo’s expert guides, this can be condensed into a personalised journey of discovery tailored to your specific interests.

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Rediscover the city

Perhaps begin just a stroll from the hotel in the Imperial Palace Gardens, discovering the historic Ote-mon and Sakurada Gates and Nijubashi Bridge. During the Edo period (1603 to 1867), Ote-mon served as the main entrance to Edo Castle, built by the Tokugawa shogunate who established the city that today is the capital of Japan.

A shopping itinerary could include artisan-run stores keeping alive ancient Japanese crafts – a brush maker from the Edo period; a producer of exquisite cutlery; a Japanese paper merchant. Or see the city through the eyes of an Ukiyo-e ‘pictures of the floating world’ art expert, who will reveal the inspiration for this 17th to 19th century genre of woodblock prints and paintings. Wander the cobbled streets with a view of Mount Fuji, explore the riverbank where the fish market used to reside, and live the scenes that inspired these works of art.  

Morning walk with concierge

Japan’s harvest season is a time to pause and reflect on all that we have, while preparing for the winter ahead. At Aman Tokyo, several complimentary experiences are extended to guests, to help one wholly embrace the opportunity. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am, guests are invited to take a guided walk around Aman Tokyo for an hour following their breakfast. Each walk will follow a theme to be revealed on the day and will help clear the mind ready for the day ahead.