Autumn Experiences at Tokyo

Autumn Experiences

Aman Tokyo, Japan - Skyline Views at Dusk

While summer in the city is at times hot and humid, during the autumn, temperatures fall to a comfortable warmth, and the city comes alive with colourful foliage lining the streets and a feeling of renewal filling the atmosphere. To make the most of the changing seasons, Aman Tokyo is offering several new activities designed to uncover a new side of the capital.

Outdoor experiences

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Rediscover the city

In the Edo period, the Ote-mon gate near Aman Tokyo served as the main entrance to the Edo Castle - a fortified palace was built by the Tokugawa clan. From the Otemachi district that surrounds Aman Tokyo guests are invited to explore the area - today part of the Tokyo Imperial Palace - where appreciation for time-gone-by can be found strolling around the historic castle tower gates, the Sakurada Gate and Nijubashi Bridge. 
Guests of Aman Tokyo also have the opportunity to visit several long-established Tokyo shops that continue to protect the subtleties of ancient Japanese craftwork to this day. Stops on the fascinating shopping tour include a brush maker from the Edo period; a producer of stylish folding fans; the only toothpick store in Japan, and a Japanese paper merchant and gallery. 
Alternatively, to experience the art of Ukiyoe, guests are invited to tour Tokyo to explore the sites that were described in the Edo era. Wander the cobbled streets with a view of Mt. Fuji in the background and explore the riverbank where the fish market used to reside. With a Ukiyoe expert as a guide, learn about the ancient art-form and the history of Tokyo. 
All tours are arranged by hotel car and guests can also tailor the itinerary based on their interests.  

Morning walk with concierge

Japan’s harvest season is a time to pause and reflect on all that we have, while preparing for the winter ahead. At Aman Tokyo, several complimentary experiences are extended to guests, to help one wholly embrace the opportunity. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am, guests are invited to take a guided walk around Aman Tokyo for an hour following their breakfast. Each walk will follow a theme to be revealed on the day and will help clear the mind ready for the day ahead. 

Dining experiences

A taste of autumn

Flavours synonymous with autumn are often the most rich, earthy and colourful. In celebration of the season, Aman Tokyo’s four restaurants – Arva, Musashi, The Lounge and The Café - will offer meticulously prepared autumn dishes, using the freshest local ingredients to create gastronomic specialities inspired by the time-of-year. From Halloween Afternoon Tea in The Lounge, to the autumn menu at Arva, guests are encouraged to taste the season, carefully captured by Aman Tokyo’s chefs.

Wellness experiences

Seasonal wellness

Also this season, in Aman Tokyo’s spa guests can opt for the Autumn Seasonal Journey, to help find emotional balance the emotions with the help from autumn herbs, Japanese chrysanthemum, sansho and hinoki. The ingredients are used to create bespoke formulas blended to meet the needs of the season, and then used in treatments tailored to each guest and followed by a cup of herbal tea.

Alternatively, for those seeking a full wellness transformation ahead of the new season, Aman Tokyo’s three-night Misogi Retreat - named after the Shinto purification ritual - incorporates yoga and breathing exercises, a range of Japanese mindfulness, immune system support treatments and healthy cuisine for a spiritually cleansing experience.