Individual Wellness Immersions

Seek a Shift
at Amanpuri, Amanbagh, Amanoi, and Amanemu

For those seeking deep transformation or a shift in perspective, our flagship holistic hideaways – Amanpuri in Thailand, Amanbagh in India, Amanoi in Vietnam and Amanemu in Japan – offer carefully calibrated programmes that range from a minimum 3-night stay to our ultimate 21-night Life Turnarounds
Tailored to you, whether your focus is stress management, emotional healing, fitness or weight-loss, our Immersion experiences sensitively encourage a process of release that enables you to leave behind negative holding patterns and embrace a strong newness of spirit
Daily treatments, a considered diet, suggested exercise and expert advice are all touchstones of our Immersions. Nothing is strictly prescribed as we aim to meet you where you are at, from moment to moment, so you can return home with palpable results, an expansive blossoming of the soul and fresh intentions


Four Wellness Immersions offer distinct paths back to wellness, whether your goal is weight-loss, improved fitness, heightened awareness or the purification of body and mind. Tailored exclusively to your needs by experts in nutrition, movement, psychology and spirituality, our Immersions help you to achieve your full potential

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Explore Ayurveda in the Motherland. Experience the far-reaching benefits of this ancient system of preventative medicine with Wellness Immersions overseen by Amanbagh's in-house Ayurvedic physician. Tailored nutritional plans and a wide range of therapies will address your personal dosha-imbalances to return your body and mind to an optimum state of health and positivity 

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Drawing on Traditional Eastern philosophy and the intrinsic health-giving aspects of Asian cuisines, three personalised Wellness Immersions promote inner balance to enrich your life's journey. Whether you seek to mange weight, renew focus, or de-stress for a longer, healthier life, Amanoi's Immersions are best experienced within the resort's two new Spa Houses, the first of their kind

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Drawing on the health-boosting philosophies of traditional ryokan bathing retreats, Amanemu's three Wellness Immersions are centred on purifying onsen bathing and Eastern therapies – from shiatsu to zazen meditation, kampo herbal healing, acupuncture and watsu. Whether you seek to reduce stress and anxiety, overhaul your entire system or experience an anti-ageing rejuvenation, your Wellness Immersion will be tailormade in advance to suit your specific needs 

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