The Essentials by Aman

Introducing The Essentials by Aman

From the peaks of Bhutan to the sands of Turks & Caicos, Aman has built sanctuaries in many of the most inspiring locations on Earth. In each of these settings, guests find connection with the spirit of the place, experiencing an uncomplicated sense of belonging and peace – the Aman way of life.


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The Essentials by Aman is a timeless collection of ready-to-wear pieces that answers the needs of the Aman guest – whether they are hiking in Wyoming’s wilds at Amangani, gathering for an alfresco dinner at Amanzoe or simply seeking moments of serenity in a private Villa.

Fine fabrics speak to the quality Aman is known for, with Japanese cotton and Italian wool hand-spun with the utmost consideration for fit, comfort and aesthetic. The softness of refined cashmere and opulent silks creates a delicate and appealing tactility.
The Essentials by Aman

Aman for every season

Realised in Italy, from the choice of artisan fabrics to the meticulous manufacturing process, the craftsmanship has been treated as a form of artistic expression, bringing The Essentials to life.

A focus on sustainability echoes conversations at Aman hotels and resorts around the world, with the considered design of every piece ensuring wearability for seasons and years to come. Classic fits have been revisited to introduce a contemporary edge, creating modern silhouettes that can be effortlessly styled to suit any occasion.


A new design language

Aman’s destinations are at the heart of the collection’s design inspiration. Prints complement the beauty of their surroundings, with the palm-studded shores of Amanpuri acting as a natural muse. Colours are stirred by Mother Nature, with the warm terracotta of Amanjena’s architecture, the soft green of Amanzoe’s olive groves, and the calming yellow of Amangiri’s desert creating a rare yet refined palette.

The collection’s ‘A’ motif is derived from the Aman logo, evoking the hand-carved letterforms of the Futhark alphabet and referencing the Sanskrit meaning of the Aman name: peace, shelter and sanctuary. Blind-stitched on select garments, the motif creates a subtle sense of branding, and makes a bolder statement printed on activewear.

Pieces also feature an exclusive Aman monogram developed by skilled screen printers using a technique dating back over 100 years. The monogram adorns the finest materials, creating beautifully patterned pieces that reference the sense of community for which Aman is renowned.

A window into the world of Aman

The collection is exclusively available at selected hotel and resort boutiques. Amangiri, Amangani, Amanjena and Amanzoe are the first to carry The Essentials. To request more information, arrange a boutique appointment or receive a copy of the lookbook, please use the contact form below.

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