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Space to reflect

In the wake of disruption, we seek stillness, our minds turn to contemplation, and embrace opportunities to slow down, reconnect and recalibrate. Places that make a moment last longer cultivate a sense of peace. Slow aesthetics invite us to pause, and sensitive design connects us to nature at its most magnificent. From the coconut-grove coast of Phuket and the ancient temples of Angkor to the pure shores of the Caribbean and the grand palazzo of Venice, these inspiring settings create atmospheres naturally conducive to reflection and reconnection.
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Our Central Reservations team is also available via phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Tel: (65) 6715 8855 (Singapore)

Tel: (1) 754 216 7830 (USA)

Sanctuary and connection in Asia

Amanpuri, Thailand

Overlooking the blue expanse of the Andaman Sea from a sheltered headland, this timeless retreat still feels as remote as can be, three decades after its coconut-grove serenity first inspired the idea of Aman. Evoking the ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya in their architecture, Amanpuri’s private Villas are ideal sanctuaries for families to reconnect, each with their own swimming pool and a private sea-view perch on the peninsula. At the Eco Beach Centre and the Hot Spot, children and teens will find horizon-broadening activities from Thai dance and batik to skateboarding and DJing.
Amanpuri Main Pool
The unspoilt white sands and dramatic boulders of Pansea Beach are both an arena for contemplation and a gateway to ocean adventures, ranging from the gentle pace of Schiller biking and paddle boarding to the sheer adrenaline thrill of the Flyboard. Trying new experiences opens our minds to new ideas, shifting our perspectives and creating new possibilities – whether that’s learning to Scuba dive, watching the sun set from the deck of a boat, or simply taking the time to connect with nature.

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Aman Tokyo, Japan

Thirty-three floors above street level, beneath the towering lobby ceiling, a Zen garden is revealed. Floor-to-ceiling windows invite reflection on the shifting of the seasons, the deepening green of the trees carrying the promise of summertime in Tokyo. This natural resplendence is reflected in the hotel’s design, with natural materials such as wood, stone, and washi paper, imbuing its spacious rooms with a powerful sense of comfort and calm.
Surrounded by eight-metre windows, the swimming pool occupies a commanding position over the cityscape. Together with the spacious gym and a collection of private spa suites, the pool is part of the 2,500 square metre two-storey Aman Spa, a sanctuary dedicated to the restoration of wellbeing to both body and mind. Experience treatments inspired by the healing arts of ancient Japan, including shiatsu and acupuncture, or embark on a therapeutic journey to boost health using local herbs such as Kuromoji.

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Amanjiwo, Indonesia

As the home of the world’s most important Buddhist sanctuary, Borobudur, Amanjiwo’s setting in Central Java is infused with a sense of the serene and the spiritual. The wonder of 9th-century architecture stands splendid against the backdrop of the gently rising Menoreh Hills, with hundreds of life-size Buddha statues and thousands of intricate stone carvings concealed within its ancient walls. There are few places in the world more suited to the contemplation of the mysteries of life and the universe, and Amanjiwo – born in Borobudur’s shadow – is designed such that its limestone buildings both echo and frame the ancient temple.
Amanjiwo, Indonesia - Terrace View
At Amanjiwo, life moves at a slower, more considered pace, free of the everyday trivia that can prove so distracting. At dawn, Aman guides share the monument’s ancient secrets, as the sun scales distant volcanoes surrounding the Kedu Plain.

Discover villages lost in time amid fragrant clove plantations by andong – a traditional Javanese horse and carriage – or hike to Selogriyo, an 8th-century Hindu temple high on the slopes of Mount Sumbing, taking the time to feel present in nature en route.

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Amanbagh, Rajasthan

Carved from local pink marble and sandstone, Amanbagh’s scalloped arches and cupolas echo the regal spectacle of Rajasthan's Mughal Empire. Here in the wilds of the Aravalli Hills, amid the resplendence of nature, the garden resort is an enclave of tranquillity, where palm, fruit and eucalyptus trees shade the sea-green central pool and the palatial Suites and Pavilions beyond. 
In this restorative setting, the Aman Spa’s therapists follow the ancient wellbeing philosophy of Ayurveda – the holistic health system in which the peace of the mind and the health of the body are inextricably connected. Restore balance and physical health through yoga, mindfulness meditation and individually tailored therapies.

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Opening 1 September 2020

Amansara, Cambodia

Welcomed as though a guest of King Sihanouk, the elegance of New Khmer architecture is brought to life in this one-time royal residence’s Suites
Buddhists at a temple in Angkor
Set in the heart of Siem Reap’s French Quarter, and 10 minutes from one of the most significant and stirring historic sites in the world – the temples of Angkor – Amansara maintains an ambience of spiritual solemnity, as though connected to a greater force, separate from the trivial concerns of the everyday world. The sensitively preserved mid-century minimalism of the pools, ponds and private courtyards are especially good for the soul.

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Ocean tranquillity in the Caribbean

Amanyara, Turks & Caicos

Open to the elements, amid 18,000 acres of wild nature, the timber-shingled pavilions of Amanyara bask in the breezes that roll in off the ocean. Revered architect Jean-Michel Gathy designed this Asian-inspired resort as an homage to its surroundings – a place to admire the splendour of the island and the sea. The simplicity and modesty of the architecture is harmoniously interspersed with moments of drama and spectacle: the sunlight bouncing off onyx ponds; the conical roof of the bar soaring skyward; the 50m swimming pool presiding over the rugged clifftop.
Woman exploring the coastline outside a villa at Amanyara
The coast invites exploration, on shore and off. Step outside the everyday and look at the world in a new light, with a guided eco-hike among the flora of the forest shores. Plunge below the waves and discover more than 4,000 undersea acres in the Northwest Point Marine National Park, home to some of the world’s best wall and reef diving.

Take a free-diving course with the resident professional, or paddle-board among the red mangroves of Frenchman’s Creek and learn about this unique ecosystem with Amanyara’s marine biologist. Discovery is restorative: time spent exploring new contexts opens the mind to the peace that comes with fresh perspectives.

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Amanera, Dominican Republic

Water is intrinsic to the design of Amanera; it is even reflected in its name – ‘era’ means water in Taíno, the language once spoken by the indigenous people of the Caribbean. 
Surfer in front of Amanera, Dominican Republic
Here on the sparsely populated northern shore of the Dominican Republic, a 2,000-acre swathe of jungle stretches along seven miles of unbroken coastline, pristine and all but untouched. The resplendence of nature reveals itself at every turn, and the clifftop Casitas are designed to embrace it, with panoramic ocean views and biodiverse roofs that cultivate green gardens, transforming Amanera into an extension of the emerald landscape that surrounds it.

Amanera’s magnificent canvas of towering cliffs, mountain-to-sea views and undulating coastline issue a daily call to adventure and discovery. 

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Cultural inspiration in Europe

Aman Venice, Italy

On the shores of the Grand Canal, the Palazzo Papadopoli has been home to a unique collection of priceless artistic and cultural treasures for over four hundred years. When it began its current chapter, as Aman Venice, in 2011, a comprehensive renovation programme saw over 100 specialist conservators and restoration workers on site every day for 18 months. 
Aman Venice, Garden Terrace Overlooking Grand Canal
Sumptuous wall hangings were rescued from decomposition; ornate plaster reliefs were repaired; delicate tapestries of velvet and lace mended; and spectacular hand-painted frescoes by the like of Tiepolo, Guarana and Casare Rotta were fastidiously restored to their full Baroque magnificence. The result is a monument to creativity over the centuries, a wonderland of art and artefacts in which to lose oneself, and an inspiring reminder of the remarkable talent and imagination of the human mind.

Beyond the hotel, La Serenissima opens herself up to discovery. Explore the secret gardens of the city with an exclusive tour of Venice’s private green spaces, including the childhood home of Casanova. Take a boat to the west towards the island of Giudecca to watch the sun set on the lagoon over cichetti and aperitivi. Or, make a private, after-hours visit to the Palazzo Ducale, one of the great wonders of Venice. Venture into normally inaccessible rooms and see the palace’s extraordinary collection of historic art and artefacts.

Discover Aman Venice

Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

On the fortified isle of Sveti Stefan, jewel of Montenegro, the architecture of a 15th-century fishing village has been fastidiously preserved and restored, from the historic church to the central piazza. But for the subtle and sensitive introduction of modern technologies and comforts, the island is much as it was 600 years ago. Across the isthmus, overlooking Montenegro’s most beautiful private beach, Villa Miloçer similarly preserves its proud past – a former summer home of the Serbian Queen. To visit Aman Stefi Stefan is to journey to another, more tranquil time, tempering rustic simplicity with a touch of regal glamour.
Aman Sveti Stefan gives its guests opportunities to connect with the restorative power of nature – whether through exploring the wilds, spa journeys or simply taking time out beside the sea. Travel to Lake Skadar – the largest freshwater body in Southern Europe – and take a boat ride across the water, surrounded by the serenity of the monastery-dotted hills and the song of the hundreds of bird species that make their homes here. Alternatively, the Aman Spa’s signature Adriatic Rejuvenation Massage draws on the abundance of healing herbs and medicinal botanicals in the surrounding area to craft therapies featuring mint-infused olive oil, wild honey, lavender and palmarosa oils.

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Contemplation is the highest form of activity


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