Amanzoe resumes operations

We are elated to share news that Amanzoe resumed operations from 9 July and is once again welcoming guests following the wildfire which started near the property on Monday 4 July. Thanks to the heroic efforts of the local authorities and volunteers, the extent of the fire was not as fierce as initially feared, thus enabling Amanzoe to confidently recommence with its summer season.

Upon resumption of operations, we initially focussed on a select number of Villas and Beach Cabanas which were followed by several Pavilions from Thursday 21 July. We are grateful that a limited number of Pavilions sustained only exterior damage thus enabling us to release all rooms back into the inventory on Friday 5 August, after renovations were completed ahead of schedule. All services and facilities are fully operational including the Beach Club, in addition to the bar, restaurants, gym, Aman Spa and yoga studio within Amanzoe’s main buildings.

Whilst sections of the surrounding landscape were affected, our team is undertaking initiatives to restore the wider area’s natural environment and replant flora. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of this iconic property, perhaps even more of a milestone considering recent events, we invite guests to commemorate their stay and contribute to the replenishment efforts of the neighbouring countryside by planting a sapling. For every tree planted, Amanzoe is making a donation to the local fire authorities who assisted us in safeguarding the property.

Our dedicated team looks forward to welcoming guests back to our hilltop sanctuary and we take this opportunity to offer firm reassurance that the Amanzoe experience remains unaffected.

Once again, thank you for continued support and encouragement.


Helpful Questions 

Was there a fire in the resort? 

We can confirm that on Monday 4 July a wildfire started near Amanzoe and reached the grounds of the property.  All guests and staff were safely and swiftly moved to alternative accommodation.  We are grateful that the extent of the fire was not as bad as initially feared, however, sections of the surrounding landscape were impacted. 

Has Amanzoe been destroyed by a fire?

No, we are happy to share that the extent of the fire was not as bad as initially feared. We are relieved to report that all main areas of the hotel have been preserved, with exterior damage to just a limited number of pavilions, while all villas remain intact. Sections of the surrounding landscape were impacted and as a result. Our teams have completed repairs and restoration of any damage, and have undertaken initiatives to restore the wider area’s natural environment.  We are grateful for the efforts of the heroic local authorities, who worked tirelessly to contain the fire. 

Is the hotel fully operational?

Yes. All services and facilities are now fully operational.

Are the views affected?

Panoramic views from the main building and the Beach Club were unaffected.  Whilst sections of the surrounding natural landscape were impacted as a result of the wildfires, from certain points scarring is invisible from the property.  Our landscaping team is systematically undertaking initiatives to restore the wider area’s natural environment and replant damaged flora. Should you wish to discuss the view from your accommodation at Amanzoe, our reservations team will be happy to assist. 

Will my stay be impacted by any noise during the restoration works of any damages while I am on property? 

No. We have now completed restorations works.  

I’m not staying at the hotel.  Can I visit for dinner / lunch / spa? 

Yes, it is possible to accommodate day visits to Amanzoe. Please contact our reservations team to assist in planning your visit. 

If you have any other questions please call the Amanzoe team on: +30 275 477 2888