Detox & Cleansing

Naturally stimulating detoxification pathways, this Immersion purifies the body and refreshes the mind, encouraging a long, healthy and balanced life. Focusing on digestive, lymphatic and elimination systems, a personalised combination of nutrition, movement, massage and herbal therapies cast off impurities and restore equilibrium. 

Amanyara Amanyara Amanyara

Daily programme

Responding to the individual’s lifestyle, sources of toxicity and common stress factors, therapists develop a personalised wellness programme supported by a nutritionally optimised diet plan. Cleansing spa treatments such as lymphatic drainage massage and detox wraps are teamed with herbal remedies and complementary therapies to brighten the eyes, clear the skin, improve organ function and promote cellular rejuvenation.   


Sample itinerary 


Personalised breakfast (possibly raw, vegan or liquid)  


Morning movement session (Pilates, yoga personal fitness, beach bootcamp)  


Prescribed healthy juice or herbal tea  


Wellness therapy session (Acupuncture, traditional abdominal massage, lymphatic drainage) 


Personalised lunch (possibly raw, vegan or liquid)  


Spa treatment (lymphatic drainage, hot stone massage, signature Purifying bath)  


Personalised dinner (possibly raw, vegan or liquid) 


Sample Inclusions

  • Full board (nutritionally optimised breakfast, lunch, dinner and wellness minibar)
  • Aman transformation programme consultation and body-composition analysis
  • One Aman signature spa treatment on arrival day
  • Morning group movement class (eg Pilates or yoga)
  • Daily personalised spa treatments (including lymphatic drainage, or deep-tissue massage, Detoxifying Scrub and Wrap)
  • Daily specialist therapy sessions (such as Chi Nei Tsang therapy or acupuncture)
  • Spa treatment or private movement session on departure day
  • 30-minute departure consultation
  • Nutrition and lifestyle advice
  • Return airport transfers

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