The sacred dancers of Angkor

Recruited from the villages surrounding Siem Reap, the Sacred Dancers of Angkor bring Khmer legends to life through music, movement and meditation.

The bas-relief Apsaras carved into the temple walls of Angkor depict the 44 female spirits of Sanskrit mythology – the apsaras, spirits of clouds and water – and have entranced and intrigued visitors for centuries. Today, a remarkable troupe of performers is telling the stories hidden in the stones through mesmerising dances, rich in symbolism and profoundly moving to witness.



Contemporary bedrooms and living areas open onto light-filled garden courtyards via floor-to-ceiling glass doors 

At the Resort


Embracing holistic Khmer traditions, spa treatments are complemented by a yoga session at sunrise


Set beneath a soaring ceiling, the circular Dining Room serves Khmer and western cuisine made from local, seasonal produce


From birthday festivities to anniversary dinners, Amansara’s unique atmosphere is enhanced by local dancers or a blessing from a Buddhist monk