Alternative Pain Management Program

Discover a new level of pain-free harmony in body and mind with Amanpulo's Alternative Pain Management programme. Stress and anxiety can often manifest in acute and chronic bodily aches and pains which require more than just a tranquil setting to dispel. Specifically designed to manage and release such pain and prevent its recurrence, this transformative programme encompasses a variety of disciplines.

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Escape life's daily stress at Amanpulo

Until 31 March 2023

The programme includes aromatherapy, herbal remedies, yoga, Pilates, meditation, breathwork and personalised nutrition, as well as therapeutic massage fusing neuromuscular, deep tissue, myofascial and trigger point therapies to stimulate the clearing of physical and emotional trauma held in the muscles and connective tissues. After an OligoScan and thorough consultation, Aman Spa's wellness specialists will create a comprehensive plan including therapies focusing on the abdomen and mobility. Amanpulo's nutrition specialist will formulate a custom eating plan of whole foods and prescribed juices and tonic teas to balance the body's system and support self-healing.

  • Daily Healthy Juice or Tea Tonic Prescription
  • Personalised Wellness Cuisine (optional)
  • OligoScan Consultation
  • Hydrotherapy circuit
  • One 90-minute Therapeutic Massage Therapy
  • One 60-minute Meditation and Breathing Exercise
  • One 60-minute Blading and Cupping Mobility Therapy
  • One 60-minute Active Abdominal Therapy
  • A choice of a 60-minute Movement Class including Pilates or Yoga
  • A 30-minute departure consultation
  • Round-trip airport transfers