Festive Season at Amanoi

The gift of gratitude  

2020 Festive Season at Amanoi

The act of giving thanks enriches and elevates us. It has been proven that those who show their gratitude and share their light are more likely to be happy – because they are consciously open to the positive. It’s not a matter of personality, but of practice: when we choose to give gratitude, we receive happiness in return. The festive season gives us all a chance to offer the gift of our thanks, to cherish what we love, and to look to the light.

For Aman, the season is a time to celebrate and give back to the communities and natural environments that sustain us. As an Aman guest during the festive season, you are invited to make meaningful connections with local cultures, participate in vital conservation initiatives, and to end the year with thankfulness and positivity.
Amanoi hotel lit up at night

Folk games and philanthropy

During the festive season, Amanoi reaches out to the surrounding villages of Vinh Hy Bay, strengthening connections with local communities and supporting those in need. Guests are invited to join the Aman team as they distribute Christmas gifts to local children.
Cham blessing in Vietnam
Over December and January, families staying at Amanoi can take part in traditional Vietnamese folk games such as Ném Còn, throwing balls through a suspended bamboo ring to secure good fortune.

Calligraphy is a new-year tradition in Vietnam, and people typically bring meaningful words and phrases into their homes to set an intention for the year ahead. A local calligrapher will be on hand at Amanoi to share this custom with guests.

Temple and pagoda visits take on a special resonance at this time of year, as people give thanks, make donations, and wish for good health and happiness in the year to come. At Amanoi, a master from the Cham community visits to offer guests blessings.

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I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.

GK Chesterton

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