An isolated Himalayan Kingdom comprising five Lodges and a wealth of high-altitude experiences, from mountain treks to holistic healing

24 DECEMBER 2016 TO 3 JANUARY 2017

For the purest Himalayan air, glimpses of rare flora and fauna and a chance to try your hand at the national sport, Archery, Bhutan is compelling in winter. Turn the festive season into one of discovery across Amankora's five lodges, with the below schedule of culinary and creative experiences. 


Christmas Eve

Enjoy a traditional performance by local artists, accompanied by canapés and festive cocktails around a bonfire. Savour a special five-course gourmet dinner, with an array of fantastic wines to pair with the cuisine.

24 DECEMBER 2016


Christmas Day

Begin the day with a hike up to the world famous Tigers Nest Monastery in Paro Valley, or treat yourself to a traditional Hot Stone Bath; walk around the town, village or rice fields, or relax in the serene atmosphere of Amankora. An exquisite high tea menu, at Thimphu and Paro only, will be on offer with an extensive selection of teas.

25 DECEMBER 2016


Living Art of Bhutan

Watch as women from the local village weave Bhutanese handicrafts. Guests are encourage to try their hand at this ancient technique and handicrafts produced by the locals will also be on sale.

26 DECEMBER 2016


Archery Competition

Archery in Bhutan is the national sport of the Kingdom. It is culturally distinctive as a martial art practiced among a modern population. Try your hand at this local sport, learning the traditional technique from experienced locals.

29 DECEMBER 2016


New Year's Eve

Begin the evening by watching or participating in a traditional dance performance, followed by a five-course gourmet dinner menu, with an extensive selection of fantastic wines to pair with the cuisine. From 11.30pm, join the Amankora team in welcoming in the New Year with a glass of champagne.

31 DECEMBER 2016


New Year's Day

Guests have the opportunity to see expert weavers at work and discover how an advanced textile culture in Bhutan has developed.

1 JANUARY 2017


I Can Speak Dzongkha

Guests are invited to learn a few basic words in Dzongkha, the national language of Bhutan. The session will be run by senior lodge staff and is open for all to enjoy.

2 JANUARY 2017


High Tea

Enjoy cakes and savories with mesmerizing views of the Himalayas at Paro and Thimphu lodges. A unique selection of Black, Oolong and Herbal teas are available.

3 JANUARY 2017

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